‘Shut up and do your job’: Ted Cruz got it half right about Flake

Watch this video from CNN. At the 4:20 mark, you’ll hear Ted Cruz on the Mark Davis radio show, with his response to Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, who have suddenly tried to put on their conservative clothes.

Sort of like when a 50 year-old gets his old football letter jacket out and tries to wear it, 30 pounds later.

We’ve got a job to do, dammit. And so all of this nonsense–I’ve got nothing to say on it. Everyone shut up and do your job.

They are fools who think a good, rousing speech against Trump will somehow absolve them of abandoning the conservative principles that got them elected, and then quitting when they’re about to be unseated.

Maybe Flake will get a job offer from CNN when he leaves the Senate. But some senators, like Cruz, think it’s more important to stick around and finish what they were elected to do. Of which, by the way, they’ve done very little.

The only people calling for Flake to stay in the Senate are liberals like Ezra Klein.

Instead of achieving his fantasy, and the fantasies of Hollywood liberal movie producers, where the “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” speech stirs up a movement to patriotic fervor, and President Trump suddenly becomes a model civics lesson, Flake made a jackass of himself by making a speech without having the standing to give it properly.

He attacked the president (and yes, that part was somewhat right but useless) and did it in the worst possible, most ineffective, most self-damaging way. He publicly quit like a 15-year-old walking out of Taco Bell because the manager bullied him.

Ted Cruz was right to get in Flake’s (and Corker’s) face. But he only got it half right. Instead of “shut up and do your job” he should have said “shut up and go away,” because quitters are unreliable, and senators who deceive themselves into believing they are something they’re not are fools.