Shocker: the ACLU Supporting the Abridgment of Civil Liberties Again

At what point is it fair to stop considering the ACLU a civil liberties organization, & start acknowledging what it is?

It was a little less than a year ago when the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) exposed itself (again) as little more than a left-wing legal firm as opposed to an organization even remotely concerned with preserving civil liberties for all. Last summer the group wrote a glowing tribute to Islamic sharia activist Linda Sarsour – because nothing says civil liberties quite like female genital mutilation and honor killings, am I right?

Now, just about nine months later, the ACLU has focused on a different subject of praise: Parkland High School students lobbying to limit or repeal the 2nd Amendment. After one of the more prominent student activists commented about his support of the pretend civil liberties group, the ACLU responded:

“Thank you for your work. We’re proud to stand up for students exercising their rights.”

Now, don’t be confused, the ACLU was referring to what they perceive as high school students’ right to walk out of school to protest without punishment from administration. That said, any real champion of civil liberties – that is, the laundry list of personal freedoms and rights either implied or enumerated in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights – would be at least supremely cautious about applauding groups dedicated to the restriction or abridgement of those very liberties.

Put bluntly, “civil liberties” as defined in the Constitution includes the right to “keep and bear arms.” The American Civil Liberties Union is thanking a group determined to eliminate that right for “their work.”

So, to recap where we now stand, the ACLU:

  • Supports the abridgement of the civil liberty to keep and bear arms.
  • Supports the abridgement of the civil liberties of women by championing sharia.
  • Supports the abridgement of the civil liberty of religious conscience through LGBT activism.

At what point is it fair to stop considering the ACLU an organization interested in civil liberties, and start acknowledging it for what it is: a legal team of leftist attorneys intent on adjudicating a progressive agenda through the courts?

While I prefer delegislating marriage entirely, I think you got the mote and beam backward. Gay marriage is most definitely the smaller issue.

I can't speack for "you guys" but I would be happy to mind my own business. But when activists in the LGBT community try to use the force of federal law (unconstitionally) to tell me what I have to think and believe it becomes my business. If we would have followed the rule of law we would all still be minding our own business. Those who support the the redefinition of marriage could live in a state that has legislatively done this and those who do not could live in a state that holds to a traditional definition of marriage. This is how federalism was supposed to work. Besides, you are the one who accused Heck of denying rights and by implication those of us who agree with his article. How is that minding your own business?


A more correct definition of ACLU would be American Communist Lawyers Union.


That's a good idea. Why don't you mind your own business


When Alan Dershowitz complains about the ACLU, there are serious problems with them. when the ACLU makes statements about things, like Parkland, Linda Sarsour, they are the problem.