SHOCK: North Korean Officials Skip Meeting With US Officials, Make Bold Demand

The scheduled meeting was to discuss the return of the remains of American troops killed in the Korean war.

Are we still winning?

While President Trump is off to further weaken our European alliances and play snuggles with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a July 16 summit, the wreckage of his “successful” summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un remains.

The last news we had on that front was that North Korean officials balked at the notion of denuclearization – something Trump declared was a done deal – and even called talks with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “regrettable,” last week.

On Saturday, they even accused the U.S. of making “gangster-like” demands.

Yeah. They’re definitely “no longer a nuclear threat.”

The latest involves the remains of American soldiers, and efforts to have those remains returned home.

Trump had boasted of getting those remains returned, and South Korea has been working towards that very thing for several years.

A meeting was planned for earlier Thursday to discuss the issue with North Korean officials.

Those officials skipped out, sending demands, instead.

And yes. They’re now in the position to make demands of the world because Donald Trump gave them legitimacy by meeting with them and coming away from the table with nothing, other than his effusive praise for a murderous dictator.

Yonhap News in South Korea reported that North Korea asked the United Nations Command to hold “general-level military talks” about returning the remains of American troops killed in the Korean War.

A source told Yonhap that North Korea “wants a U.S. general to appear at the table to quickly finalize the repatriation issue.”

That’s right. KNEEL!

They feel perfectly emboldened to make that sort of demand. Our leadership is weak, petulant, and willing to give away the farm for a few words of empty praise.

Kelly McKeague, who leads an agency that locates remains of U.S. soldiers on foreign battlefields, said Wednesday that U.S. officials are expected to meet with North Korean officials on Thursday to flesh out details on how to go about securing the remains of additional U.S. troops.

McKeague told Reuters it will be months before excavations can start in the search for remains in North Korea. It could be years before some of those remains can be identified, he added.

And now we know it may never happen. In order to even begin the process, it will require the United Nations military body to meet with North Korean in an official capacity for the first time since 2009.

It’s now a game of chicken, and what happens depends on who blinks first.

No. 1-15

Mike Pompeo said negotiations with NK would take years and there would be fits and starts. We all know NK was not going to just roll over and play dead. Sanctions are still on, no rockets have been been fired in 8 months. More sanctions can be imposed. Trump will continue to put the squeeze on NK until they come around. Meeting people face to face gives you a better perspective on who you are dealing with. You all act as if nothing has been accomplished. Give it time. We are in no worse condition than before the meeting. If rockets start flying again Trump will make a serious move that NK will not soon forget.


The actual metric to be using is the strength of the sanctions imposed since Kim started the mess. China is the main metric to watch, as they have the most direct trade going on, mainly because there are a lot of Chinese nationals affected by border activity in the north (and, probably more accurately, the desire of the Xi regime to fully control any iteration of the North Korean paradigm change). Currently, China is sustaining their 90% cutoff from previous years. To be blunt, unless and until actual sanctions are lifted by any party, there is nothing the North Koreans will do to affect further nuclearization advancement, regardless of what the NoKo clowns do, whatever the lamestream press reports, or what Trump tweets.


I can't decide if Trump knew this was coming and figured he would be off to something else before anyone noticed or he believes his own press releases. The Communists are grindingly aggressive negotiators if you look at history. Trumps deals on hotels and condos are small change compared to these guys. Right now a US Navy Anti-submarine group should be holding war games (yes Donald it costs money) off he North Korean coast to show them we are still in the game.


The big U.S.bully has just been out bullied.


@ American Patriot. So, you chide Susan for lack of compassion, then accuse her of secretly wanting the Norks to nuke the South just so that she would prove to have been "right" about Trump. It's hard to imagine a more unfair--and unfounded--accusation.