Shock: Democrats Put Party over Country at State of the Union

The fact that Democrats were unable to celebrate a successful America shows where their true priorities lie.

Jesse Rodriguez‏ with MSNBC tweeted that tonight's address was the most tweeted SOTU ever. I'm inclined to believe it. The economy is booming, Americans have more money in their pockets and businesses everywhere are gaining confidence in the market. Spirits are high for everyone...except the Democrats.

During the entire 2016 election, Democrats scolded Republicans for "putting party before country." We were all subjected to ceaseless chants of, "When they go low, we go high." Well, it looks like all those enduring values held by the principled Democrats go out the window when America is winning with a Republican in office. This is because it doesn't matter to them if America is winning. All they see is a Republican in the Oval, and they're blinded with rage.

President Trump hit the ground running tonight talking about the soaring economy and plummeting unemployment numbers. The triumphant announcement of rising wages, the addition of 2.4 million jobs and a 45-year low in unemployment was met with scowls from the Democrats. Their brooding intensified when Trump pointed out that African American unemployment numbers are at a historic low. Shouldn't the party that claimed to be the champion for African Americans be overjoyed at this news? One would think...

Next came tax reform. Trump lauded the expansion of the child tax credit, and assured American middle class families that their taxes would be slashed. As Americans cheered, Democrats grimaced. Shouldn't the party that claimed to protect the middle class from the Wall Street puppets in the Republican party be thrilled about this tax break? Again, one would think...

Much to the Democrats' chagrin, Trump declared that faith and family were the center of American life–not government and bureaucracy. They remained firmly planted in their seats when our President encouraged us to stand for our national anthem. We saw not so much as a ripple among them when President Trump spoke in support of religious liberty. The Democrats could have at least pretended to love our country by standing when Trump expressed his commitment to serve our veterans by giving them more choices in their healthcare decisions; but sadly, they were unable to do so.

The list of victories for which Democrats couldn't be bothered to stand continues on. Among many other statements met with cold silence from the left were: the desire to give the terminally ill a chance at life by allowing access to experimental treatments, strong and well-enforced trade rules, paid family leave, prison reform, "Americans are dreamers too," decisive victories against ISIS and the announcement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Perhaps the most telling bit of sternness from the Democrats was that in response to Trump's rebuke of communist Cuba and socialist Venezuela. It should alarm the American people that the Democratic party was unable to publicly agree that these regimes are oppressive and exploitative. The government institutions that made those nations fail are exactly the ones Democrats want to prevail in the United States.

Why does this matter? Can't we just agree that Democrats were being brats and move on? While we will certainly move on quite soon due to the breakneck pace of the modern news cycle, it's worth noting what is already obvious to many: Democrats do not care about America. All they care about is being in power. The left showed its true colors tonight. They can't stand the fact that America is doing well because the government is shrinking. For every regulation the Trump administration has enacted, 22 have been removed. Power is being pumped back into the souls of American businesses. The people have more economic freedom. People are realizing that maybe, just maybe, government power grabs aren't the answer to our problems. The triumph of freedom is the Democratic party's greatest fear, and that is why they were so desperately unhappy tonight.

Democrats are unable to celebrate a successful America because it is only made possible by successful Americans.

What I saw from Dems was petulance and rudeness. Cory Booker looked like he needed a diaper change and a time out...That scowl of his was not threatening, or intimidating, or indicative of any strong principle--he was just pouting. (I hope a photo of his posturing is used if he runs for the presidency---I have never seen less presidential behavior.) I'm usually just irritated by the Dems but last night I was embarrassed for them. I had the TV on in another room and could hear bits and pieces of some speech, but when I heard a pronouncement that this country "should leave no one behind" my reaction was that it is not the job of the country to pick winners or losers so I went in to see what was going on. My reaction was "Oh, s**t! Another Kennedy!" As I turned off the TV I got a glimpse of the title, which was "Democrat response" but it looked like a feeble effort at theater, staging a fake State of the Union address saying what they thought the president should say. I didn't leave it on long enough to confirm that, because I was already fed up with the childishness of the Dems. All in all, I think the Right owned the higher ground last night and the Dems just embarrassed themselves.

Jules, their is nothing that I can add to you post except a very loud AMEN. Thanks

@Jules - 2 thumbs up!!

The Democrats call themselves the party of diversity so who do they have give the rebuttal? Joe Kennedy the epitome of white privilege.

So true! The democrats no surprise they put party before America, they put party before God in 2012 the more they show who they truly are I believe the more people will wake up.

Some polling data from CBS Approval of the SOTU by parties: Republicans 97%, Democrats 43%, Independents 71%. Base on the reactions of the Democrat party last night once again they demonstrate just how out of touch they are with the American people.


43% is not bad when you consider what their party stands for. Perhaps that 43% comprises those Dems. that just found work, got a bonus or a pay raise and saw their utility bills drop. That to me is. good sign.


I didn't watch the SOTU because I am fed up with both sides of the aisle. People are angry and I've been waiting for someone to throw the Molotov cocktail (either literally or figuratively) that will start WWIII.


As did Republicans by serving as Trump's trained seals. "Party over country" is a depressingly bipartisan phenomenon. At least the Democrats are being honest about it.

I don't disagree that most people have moved into the "party over country" territory, but how are the Democrats being honest about it? It certainly isn't about their goals for the country, which is to keep everyone dependent on government and consolidate power that they can wield to control people's lives. Trump could have announced a plan to provide single payer government health care to everyone, and they would have sit on their hands and scowled. I have plenty of criticisms of Trump and have voiced those. I agree with the Erick that this speech will soon be forgotten by squirrel chasing, although I think it is still important to have SOTU speeches. However, the direction the country is moving in is good. The economy is definitely improving. The mood of business is much better, which will further expand economic growth, helping everyone by driving up wages and job opportunities. Trump has achieved a lot of good things, which outside of the tax cut had to be done around a dysfunctional and spineless GOP controlled Congress. You make it seem like Trump was saying "I grab women by the p*ussy" and the GOP stood up and cheered. Of course he put forth a positive spin and the GOP rightly applauded. There is nothing dishonest about that. I guess it would be correct to say they were honest about not cheering for the military and this country, because they despise it. They want a socialist system where they control all the strings. We have too much independence and freedom to be worth cheering in the eyes of the left.

Honest about what, in 2011 Maxine Waters gave a speech criticizing President Obama about the lack of jobs for African-Americans. Now in 2018 under President Trump we see the lowest numbers of unemployment ever for African-Americans and Hispanics and they just sat there like someone shot their dog.

I do think it is important that we remember that the unemployment number we are using now is not the same as the pre-Obama number. He changed the calculation to hide the damage his policies did to employment and job creation. That calculation is still in place. I have not researched the updated numbers under the old formula, but we are really not at a 45 year low. That is only true with changing the calculation. That said, the economy is definitely improving thanks to Trump's policies and I believe will continue to get even better. I am not short changing that impact, but accuracy with numbers is important. I criticized Obama's numbers and dishonest because of that change, so the same standard applies to Trump. I will give him a little break because he didn't change the formula, just kept using it. I understand why he doesn't go back, because it will be reported as a rise in unemployment the same way Obama's recalculation was reported as an improvement. It is just inaccurate to not acknowledge the difference when comparing numbers to historic lows.

@georgiaheretic " they just sat there like someone shot their dog." - Shot, no. Defeated their guaranteed winning dog, yes.

Thanks for the correction, regardless though, in 2011 Maxine Waters criticized President Obama for not doing enough to help the African-American people find jobs. No matter which calculation you use for unemployment the numbers are better today as you said thanks to President Trump's economic policies.

Amen to most of the previous responses. Now add Trump realizes that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to immigration. Pick up om the memo that Rep. Nunes wants disclosed to the public. Check out the firing or resignation of FBI agent McCabe. The killing of the 20-week abortion bill in the senate. The cost of the Mueller investigation and why it remains hidden. Blue state governors not benefiting from Trump policies because they are anti-business.

I do not know if the definition of prime-age employment was changed under Obama. It seems at least the OECD states the rate was higher under Bill Clinton as well as both Bushes:

(BTW, most economic metrics really resemble the one below i.e. a rapid drop thanks to the global recession in 2007-08. The change from Trump to Obama is marginal and represents the continuation of a positive trend since around 2011/12. )

It might just be that most people are not favoring party over country, but actually know what the party platforms say and support the party that favors the country.