Shameful: Progressive Christians Won't Speak Out for Tortured Children

These prominent Christian voices chose temerity and silence when the "least of these" was crying out for justice.

As expected, the Republican sponsored Pain-Capable Child Protection Act fell short of the 60 votes needed to end the Democrat filibuster and pass the bill to President Trump's desk.

Bowing to the demands of the radical abortion lobby that controls them, Democrat lawmakers (with 3 exceptions and 2 Republican crossovers) tragically perpetuated the gruesome practice of dismembering babies that are capable of sleeping, sucking their thumbs, surviving out of the womb, and yes, feeling intense pain as they are either poisoned or have their tiny limbs torn apart.

Perhaps worst, and most inexcusably of all, progressive Christian leaders couldn’t bring themselves to speak out in defense of innocent babies bearing God’s image in this hour of need.

Not a single tweet from Tony Campolo.
Not a single tweet from Jim Wallis.
Not a single tweet from Rachel Held Evans.
Not a single tweet from Brian McLaren.
Not a single tweet from Soong-Chan Rah.
Not a single tweet from Shane Claiborne.

And beyond the individuals, there was profound, deafening silence from progressive Christian publications.

Not a single story from Sojourners.
Not a single story from the Red Letter Christians.
Not a single story from the Center for Progressive Christianity.

This wasn’t a political bill. It wasn’t about Republican vs. Democrat. It wasn’t about conservatism vs. liberalism. This was a bill about humane treatment and human rights vs. barbarism.

Keep in mind just how out of step the United States is in this regard relative to the rest of the civilized world. In Greece, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, and Denmark, abortion on demand is banned at 12 weeks of pregnancy. In Sweden it’s 18, while Spain bans the act at 14 weeks. Meanwhile, in South Korea, Ireland, and Poland the cruelty is prohibited entirely.

Yet Democrat lawmakers are committed to making the United States the shame of the rest of the civilized world by allowing abortion on demand throughout the entirety of pregnancy (“health exceptions” which are maintained until the moment of birth include the emotional stress of having another child, thus creating legal abortion until a full-term baby is delivered).

And because of their fealty and devotion to principalities of this world, namely the Democrat Party, these Christian voices chose temerity and silence when the “least of these” was crying out for justice. What a tragic, lamentable, and despicable failure.

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You certainly have the right to believe what you will about your own pregnancy, but you are not allowed to even KNOW when another person is pregnant, much less try to control it. "[I]f the right of privacy means anything, it is the right of the individual, married or single, to be free from unwarranted governmental intrusion into matters so fundamentally affecting a person as the decision whether to bear or beget a child." - Eisenstadt v. Baird


Spot on as always, Peter. I only heard of this bill yesterday morning, so the question is, were there any "main line" Christians speaking up in favor?


Progressives believe in “Liberal Theology”, or better said with regards to religious beliefs are “Modernists”, who oppose “Fundamentalists”.
They do not believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible, and reject the virgin birth of Jesus, the Trinity, and virtually all “Fundamentalist” beliefs, based on the Bible.
They are essentially part of a cult, and are not true Christians.
That is why the sanctity of life is not important to them.