Seattle residents desperately smuggling Coke into city!

(No, not THAT kind.) Lesson to liberals on the consequences of tax policy.

To the utter surprise of nobody who ever studied Economics 101 and learned the "laws of supply and demand," Seattle residents are fleeing the city in order to purchase sweetened soft drinks.

Former Mayor Ed Murray proposed the soda tax last year in order to discourage city residents from purchasing the evil beverages that have been linked to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, tooth decay and the election of Donald Trump. The city planned to use the tax revenue to finance its voucher program to assist lower income families to purchase fruits and vegetables.

And as they say in all those click-bait headlines. you'll NEVER GUESS what happened next. No, seriously - guess! What happened after the city increased the price of soda?

If you guessed that all the residents of Seattle now lead healthier lives and that hunger has been eliminated as a result of all that tax revenue, then you probably voted for Bernie Sanders. If you guessed that residents simply started purchasing their precious Cokes OUTSIDE the city limits, then you live here in the real world. Because of course that's EXACTLY what is happening.

You can't say they weren't warned. Five years ago, the state privatized liquor sales, the price soared, and the alcohol industry in Idaho boomed. But being a liberal means never having to admit you were wrong. Local retailers expressed concern that they would be losing revenue as a result of this tax. The city applied the tax to distributors in order to keep retailers from purchasing outside the city.

The tax does not apply to diet soda, which naturally led to charges of racism since wealthy white people are more likely to drink diet soda. Sugared coffee beverages are also exempt. I'm sure this is in no way related to the fact that Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle.

Apparently, the Seattle city council considered every possibility. Except the one where people just drove an extra five minutes to save money. The city's website even states that consumers shouldn't even have to pay the tax because "the tax is not collected by the retailer, nor is the tax burden intended to fall onto the consumer.” So, they apparently don't grasp the concept of geography OR economics.

Retailers just outside the city limits clearly DO understand how taxes work, and have responded accordingly with their advertising. One store bosts a "no sugar tax" sign.

Maybe the city can invest some of that tax revenue on building a wall around the city to keep they tax free sodas out.

You have to remember this is Washington State where just about anyone can get into office if they carry a "D" on their campaign literature. The biggest joke of all is that Seattle almost always votes Democrat. Do you think that will make a difference among Coke drinking voters? If you answer that question with a "no" you know the mindset of liberals. No cause and effect!!

Driving an extra five minutes means an extra five minutes of hydrocarbon pollution being added to the atmosphere contributing to climate change. They need to tax gasoline more, that'll help.

I learned years ago that probably about 1/2 the price of any given alcoholic beverage is assorted taxes built in through the production and distribution. When Washington privatized they likely built in more taxes( government kickbacks) that jacked the prices up. Years ago every sweeps period the local Pittsburgh news would have a story about the Alcohol board (whatever name they used) people cracking down on people bringing booze from Ohio because it was cheaper there. Nothing new here.

The city is more-or-less on their way to that 'wall' by working as hard as possible to prevent people from using cars in the city.

That is the next big project, now that Democrats got control of all branches of state government (thanks to a 'RINO'/country-club district going D in a special election, largely based on Trump-hate)....