Seattle needs a new slogan after yesterday's attack on jobs

Will the city's lust for ever more tax dollars be slaked? Don't count on it, smaller businesses; you're next.

Plenty of cities around the country have slogans or nicknames. Chicago is “The Windy City.” Austin’s slogan is “Keep Austin Weird.” Seattle is currently known as “The Emerald City,” but I’m wondering if we might be able to come up with something new to recognize the epically stupid and suicidal vote the City Council took yesterday.

In an astonishing move of breathtaking economic ignorance, the council voted 9-0 on a measure which would tax businesses—per employee—under the auspices of funding the city’s homeless problem.

People are quick to point out that it is “only” about half of its original proposal, which started at a tax of, roughly, $500 per employee per year and is now “down to” $275. The estimate is that it will still extract $50 million from the city’s largest job producers, but that remains to be seen—taxing something always results in less of it, so no one will be surprised when jobs start leaving the city.

Amazon already implied as much when they temporarily halted construction of the expansion of their headquarters in the city. Following today’s vote, the company released a statement which said, in part, “we remain very apprehensive about the future created by the council’s hostile approach and rhetoric toward larger businesses, which forces us to question our growth here.”

Do the council members pause and take note of the potential for drastically reduced tax revenue if businesses begin to leave? Nope. Certainly not openly socialist Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who called Jeff Bezos a “bully” and accused him of holding jobs—and the city—hostage (incidentally, she will be selling her book on Amazon when it is published).

Boeing already pulled its headquarters out of Seattle and moved them to Chicago years ago for the very same reason, but it doesn’t appear the Council is quick to learn. Indeed, fat and happy and raking in the tax dollars, the council clearly views large businesses as an infinite cash cow who will put up with anything for the “honor” of doing business in over-taxed, absurdly expensive, and horribly gridlocked, Seattle.

Bad idea, Seattle City Council.

While this is likely the most destructive policy the city has passed, they are not lacking when it comes to foolish ideas. Only a few weeks ago, Mayor Jenny Durkan backed a new proposal which would tax people for driving in the city (euphemistically called, “congestion pricing”). It’s always nice to be punished for going to work.

Back to Seattle’s new slogan. If other cities were choosing the name, they might go with, “Seattle, don’t.” But other cities don’t usually get that choice. Perhaps instead of “The Emerald City,” it could instead be, “The Suicidal City?” Sounds a bit harsh, but it’s about the only way to view yesterday’s action. I’m sure we can come up with something catchy.

In the mean time, enjoy this video of construction workers shouting down Councilmember Sawant over the bill.

Vulcan: Live well, we prosper

Jamaican: Welcome to leave the city, Mon!

I lived and worked in the greater Seattle area for almost 25 years before escaping the insanity that has eaten the heart of the city. This is all a self-inflicted wound. Until the people who live in Seattle decide to remove idiots like Kshama Sawant and replace them with rational minds, this wound will continue to bleed until the patient finally dies. What a waste...

I fully support Seattle's actions. They have a traffic problem; a homeless problem; a housing problem; money needed for rapid transit; etc. When all the businesses move out of Seattle all these issues will be resolved. They will no longer need rapid transit and of course the traffic problem will be resolved. There will be plenty of cheap housing for the homeless since the vacancy rate will be so high. Problem solved.

The leftist whackos who misrule Seattle would do well to study the history of Detroit, Michigan. Seattle could go the very same way for the very same reasons. I live in Renton hard on Seattle's southern border. Long ago I deemed Seattle to be a general no-go zone. If I do have to go there, I take the bus. Seattle's government is all about taking everybody's money, taking everybody's freedom, and taking everybody's guns. That pretty much sums up libtardinal fascism is general, and that is what Seattle is all about.

As an ex-Washingtonian but not a resident of Seattle I fully agree with your assessment of the cure for Seattle's woes. It is for certain the mindless liberals who are almost always voted into office will destroySeattle. Seattle, like most big cities, votes Democrat almost all of the time, and the sad part of all of this is that liberals are destroying our cities and trying to destroy our country in the name of equality, fairness, or whatever label they are able to convince others to follow.

The state of Washington looks very attractive one lo if one only looks at no state income tax. Seattle wants to lead in no business growth. It takes very wise management as it is pinched between the Sound and Lake Washington. The higher income liberals are in the suburbs. Seattle and other areas will kill the economy that Trump has helped create on the national level. This tax is on the large employers, as small business were driven out by forced higher wages and benefits. This tax will come up short in producing more revenue, so more businesses will be added.

Drove into Seattle for a sightseeing visit in 2012. Going into the city was difficult and could not find parking at the Space Needle without dining reservations. Went to Pikes Market and eventually found a vacant parking meter with a short time limit requiring a return to the vehicle in less time than it would take to have lunch at almost non-existent restaurants (settled for Subway) and use a public restroom in which the urinal was full of feces. The highlight was a free park north of the city called Discovery Park. Getting out of the city was a nightmare. Never want to go back!