SCOTUS Scuttlebutt: Is Kennedy Retiring NOW??

In the ultimate “Whoa, if true”, Washington is bracing for a seismic shift of Supreme power. Is this “The Big One”?

Well, it must be Summer! As they say, April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring Supreme Court retirement…

That doesn’t make it any less newsworthy. The timing is uncommonly critical, and I’d submit that if he does indeed step down, it’ll be a bigger politi-quake than even the 2016 election itself. This of course isn’t a normal Supreme Court vacancy—it’s the tie-breaker both sides of the aisle have been waiting for across the country for a generation. With 4 (fairly) reliable liberal justices and 4 (mostly) reliable conservative justices, Kennedy has long been the single deciding vote on countless divisive cases. It has arguably made him the de facto most powerful individual in the US (in the world?). Roe, Heller, Citizens United...the list of close calls that would likely become easy-pickin’s if considered without a swing vote is long and radioactive. Kennedy knows this.