Satan's Attack on Christian Colleges Continues

I wish I could say based on my experiences these cases are mere outliers, but that’s just not the case. This is a trend.

Not long ago I wrote about an underground effort of Biblical minds at Taylor University to reassert the superiority of orthodox, Biblical thought on a campus increasingly mired in a dangerous social justice gospel movement sweeping so many Christian institutions these days. Since that time, the authors of the underground publication have revealed their identities as four professors at the school, and have continued to receive withering criticism from some students, campus media, and even the university president himself.

Thankfully, several alumni have come to support the effort of these four professors, writing an open letter to University President Paul Haines, asking him to clarify some of his highly questionable criticisms. It’s important to continue praying for Taylor University, while at the same time recognizing this isn’t the only place these difficult situations are occurring.

Moody Bible Institute has been dealing with a very similar situation after one of their radio hosts, Julie Roys, drew attention to the doctrinal drift and suspicious administrative conduct occurring at the evangelical Christian juggernaut:

“Moody leadership previously forbade Roys from airing a story on Moody Radio that exposed the promotion of far-left ideology at her alma mater, Wheaton College, whose education department was instructing their students to be "agents of change" for "social justice" based on the ideology of radicals like domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Brazilian Marxist Paulo Freire. Moody reportedly killed the piece in order to protect their friend, Wheaton. Roys' reporting eventually aired on another show — the host faced considerable blowback — which precipitated some notable reforms within the department.”

In other words, according to Roys, Moody leadership expressed a greater concern over chastening a friendly university in Wheaton, than holding them to account publicly. And the situation with Wheaton was not isolated. More than once, Roys attempted to draw attention to Satan’s underhanded attempts to introduce false doctrine in institutions and schools that Moody considered friends, only to be shot down for the sake of financial and political considerations.

I wish I could say that based on my experiences it seems that Roys is an outlier, but that’s just not the case. Whether it’s her, the four professors at Taylor, or even my own frustrating interactions with the administrative leadership at three other private Christian universities, this is the trend. Satan knows exactly how to attack, he’s doing it, and those that see it must choose whether to accept the hateful consequences (including accusations they are weakening the body of Christ) that come their way for daring to blow the whistle or be passively silent. For Roys, even though she lost her job, speaking engagements, and a lucrative book tour, it wasn’t a tough choice:

"The evangelical church is facing a major crisis of orthodoxy. Increasingly, we're succumbing to all sorts of liberal errors — from embracing the LGBTQ agenda and a leftist-inspired form of social justice to abandoning the inerrancy of Scripture and what it teaches about origins, the fall, and redemption," she stressed, highlighting how this is especially playing out on Christian college campuses…"As Paul lamented two millennia ago, 'Everyone looks out for their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.' This is what makes the 'machine' evil, but it doesn't have to be that way."

It doesn’t have to be, and for those who claim the Gospel of Christ, it shouldn’t be.

"I imagine these institutions are changing to reflect the view of younger evangelicals and Christians." The problem that I see with that statement is that we are to lead the young people, not let them lead us. It's the young that lead the marches that took place this weekend about guns, and when interviewed very few knew anything about the subject. My son and daughter both teach at Taylor and they are also concerned. The gospel doesn't change with the time to suit those that read it, the gospel is the same for every generation. It's the people that change not God.

The Maven is the place to come to when you want to learn about where Satan is attacking

And yet after some 2,000 years of the orthodox message of the gospel of Jesus Christ being thrown out of many cultural contexts, it still remains. The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

The Bible has said the same thing for 2000 yrs. Either one believes it is the inspired word of God, or one does not believe that. If it is the inspired word of God, then it must be followed as is and no human can change it. If it is not the inspired word of God, then any profession of Christianity is asinine, and beyond that, mere human conjecture. As such it can be changed to whatever anyone wishes to suit their whims and fancy anytime they choose. Those such as myself who believe the Bible is God-inspired have no recourse to change anything in it. Those (such as BenjaminD?) who believe otherwise have no reason to subscribe to any faith.


We should be elevating ourselves up to Him, not tearing Him down to become one of us! Tolerating sin doesn't change sin. Truth is never changing and God is real truth whether you want to believe it or not. Satan is constantly trying to tear us from God with whatever lies and deceptions he can master. Building your life on the rock of Christ will help you see thru Satan's lies. We owe it to the youngsters to pass this truth onto them so they too can see what's going on! Lord have mercy on us all!