Samantha Bee, Mike Pence, and the Coming Collapse of the Feminist Surge

This movement will soon fizzle because it’s not about the value of the female sex. It’s about Democrat Party politics.

Variety recently put on something they assumed would be very timely and trendy called the “Power of Women” event. Unfortunately, as leftists have a terrible habit of doing, they chose as host a comedian who seems to think mentioning the names of prominent Republicans followed by a limp accusation of racism or sexism, or perhaps a curse word and graphic sexual reference, is comedy.

It never goes well.

And Variety learned that the hard way when Samantha Bee took the stage and stumbled her way through a monologue that included this gem:

“As I look out at this room of hundreds of women, I can’t help but feel inspired and totally safe knowing that this is Mike Pence’s personal Hell. If he was here today, he would just be ricocheting around this room like, ‘Are you my mother? Where’s my mother? Oooh mother wouldn’t approve of this.’”

Given that people like Bee and organizations like Variety have the sexist presumption that all women must think the same and are incapable of nuanced political views, the bit didn’t go over very well. But the smattering of nervous, cringing laughter from the audience was enough for Variety to describe it this way:

Samantha Bee took her hosting duties to the next level at Variety’s Power of Women event. The “Full Frontal” star stared out with a line directed right at the White House.

“The next level” apparently equates to transporting her audience to their own personal hell. Put it this way, Variety has 2.1 million followers on Twitter. This post received barely 100 likes. The responses were particularly brutal:

“I mean even putting comedy over politics, it wasn’t that funny. She was expecting the room to go nuts for it and it got a generous 6.”

“Was that a joke? Out of everything she said this is the funniest thing you found for the clip?”

“Mike Pence has no idea who this person is..H*ll I don’t even know who she is.”

“Say what you want about his politics, but now staying faithful is a bad thing? That’s not cool.”

“So a man protecting himself and wife by avoiding a situation where he can be accused of sexual harassment is a bad thing? In today’s “#MeToo” world how is that a bad thing?”

Those last questions reveal a lurking problem for the efficacy and credibility of this re-energized (left-wing) feminist movement in America that has been gathering steam since the inauguration of Donald Trump.

On the one hand, it eviscerates President Trump for his adultery, philandering, and abusive attitude towards women. On the other hand, it eviscerates Vice President Pence for being too protective of his marriage and family, and too respectful of his wife’s feelings. It reveals the true motivation of far too many of this Women’s March/#MeToo/Powerful Women movement – it’s not about the value or the precious nature of the female sex. It’s about Democrat Party politics.

Which means its influence will be truncated to the usual ebb and flow of partisan tides in the country. The only real question that remains is how Samantha Bee will survive with that material once the flow becomes an ebb.

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In these comments: People who think something isn't funny because it hurts their political feelings...


Trevor Noah is just like the rest, except he has occasionally had a writer who got him a funny, but not many. Noah can be polite, at times, and can be funny, but he is still on the leftist payroll. At least I can take him with a grain of salt. I like the old comedians, also.


Real comedians (mainly those of the past) fished for laughs without trying to fish for votes. Audrey Meadows (Alice Kramden, The Honeymooners)said it best: "We go our laughs the old fashioned way (a subtle dig at embedded "laugh tracks" some shows used), we earned them."


All of the leftist television "comedians"--Bee, Oliver, Kimmel, Colbert--are unfunny scolds that toe a party line. Only Noah has shown some indication that he can think for himself. I sometimes watch old clips of Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Jack Benny, Carol Burnett--hysterical, even after all these years. A well-timed pause and a look from Benny could send audiences into convulsions. That's real comedy. And real talent.