Rubio’s Revenge

It’s the new Watergate as Marco finally gets himself some payback.

It may not have exactly been the scandal that got Richard Nixon to resign the presidency in disgrace, but it least it was easier to understand. Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, a rising star in the GOP, was given the opportunity in 2013 to deliver the Republican response to Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. Known for his smooth-talking demeanor and ability to give an impassioned speech, everybody was expecting all kinds of fireworks from Rubio, whom many considered to be a front runner for the presidency himself. Alas—much like his run for the nomination in 2016–it was not meant to be, as the young senator made the rather bizarre stumble of pausing in the middle of his remarks. . .to take a swig of water:

This naturally led to all kinds of chortling from the mainstream media, who were no strangers to carrying water as they do it for Democrats all the time. To his credit, though, Rubio took it in stride and was able to laugh at himself throughout the soggy affair—even going so far as to offer his own bottled water line. But little did he know that the episode would come back to haunt him three years later, when in the heat of the primary a certain Donald J. Trump would turn it into a running gag:

It truly was Rubio’s Waterloo. Trump would later go on to win the nomination and then the presidency.

But as we’ve seen, politics is rarely kind—particularly to Republicans—and what goes around inevitably comes around. While hosting a presser the other day, Trump also succumbed to a craving for demon hydration, taking a pause for the cause and creating his own awkward moment:

To which Rubio, ever at the ready with a quip in his quill, avenged himself with a pithy tweet:

Well played, Marco, well played!

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I still have my Marco Rubio water bottle that he sold as a fundraiser after this happened.


Props to Trump for picking Fiji. That's really good water.