Royal Rumble: #BlackLivesMatter vs. #MeToo

Conservatives, just grab your popcorn, sit back and watch this unfold. The revolutionaries are turning on each other.

It was bound to happen. Revolutionaries, cultural or otherwise, will always turn on one another. And this one didn’t take long at all. Moments after the Kavanaugh confirmation was complete, it seems a group of feminists began a new crusade of “resistance”: kneeling during the Star-Spangled Banner to protest “rape culture.”

And it did not sit well with the original kneelers. Bishop Talbert Swan sounded the alarm over the hijacking:

> “White women kneeling during the anthem to protest ‘rape culture’ is hijacking a movement you took no risks for. You didn’t kneel in solidarity to protest the murder of Black people, don’t co opt & make it about your victimization. That’s white supremacy in the name of feminism.”

Yes, the completely predictable cannibalizing of the intersectionality victimhood groups has commenced. The feminist response to Bishop Swan was one of displeasure:

> “D***, this is harsh. I understand the point you’re making however, women are victims are same systems that hurt the black communities as well. So unless your going around asking each individual why they are kneeling? You’re making assumptions. I kneel for injustice for all.”

The good Bishop was having none of that “all injustice matters” talk:

> “Here’s a hard dose of reality, white women are part of the system that oppresses black people. They willingly and happily play their role in that system. It’s not the same. Never has been. Never will be.”

Shockingly, that didn’t sit well with the feminist brigade. Various threads of fluctuating degrees of animosity emerged. But as strong of a case as Bishop Swam might have thought he had, there was an dangerous reality emerging: a man telling women what they could say and do. That got ugly:

> “Honestly bishop, u can f*** off…why because I don’t allow ANY man to disrespect me…PS. Black men had the right to vote in this country BEFORE any women…so yeah we didn’t have a lot of pull for quite a few years politically.”

I have a feeling the race-baiters weren’t expecting the ol’ “15th Amendment Preceded the 19th Amendment” argument. In response, they had to go to the big guns. Big as in:

> You CANNOT “kneel for injustice for all” bc kneeling has been a BLM protest from jump.”

Ah yes, the towering playground logic of “We had the teeter-totter first, so you can’t take it.” This is the sign of an intellectually mature, morally sophisticated debate. And, to be sure, it was replete with the requisite name-calling as well:

> “You’re going colonizer af.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the acronym “af,” I’ll let you do your own Urban Dictionary search. But profanity aside, notice how quickly co-laborers in the victimization campaign for all things left-wing turned on each other to the point where one is guilty of colonialism, and the other is a rape apologist.

Conservatives would be wise to stand back and let this all play out on its own. No need to get involved. Unless by involvement you mean grabbing the popcorn and pulling up a chair. Then, by all means.

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Hate cannot bring light. Fear creates hate. Light and Darkness; Love and Fear cannot coexist, no matter what the bumper sticker says.

Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome

Socialist-liberalism is it's own worst enemy, mark my words. People vying of collective power never ends well for anyone. Take a gander at what transpired during the Bolshevik Revolution that ousted the Soviets and the"Sailors" and swept Lenin into power, then later eradicated those supporters.

Extra butter... Please! :D


When the muslims take-over, they'll deal with both groups in that way they are famous for. Meanwhile, they'll ally with these groups as useful idiots.


Gee, didn't know BLM had a copyright on kneeling. The Bishop will likely next demand a royalty payment from the fems. LOL

John R
John R

Yeah, because the anthem kneeling worked so well for BLM...