Roundup Cancerous Cereals!

Unless you use Roundup instead of milk on your Cheerios, you’re fine.

As I am about to attack the data and over-hyping of a scientific report, let me state my own credentials. I am not a…

Seriously, though, calm the heck down. The report from the Environmental Working Group is available here. First rule of science inquiry in the age of the internet: read the original source. Read it for yourself and start asking questions. The first question I asked was, “How much did they find?” Toxicity is determined by dose, so the amount found is important. Oh crap, look at Quaker Old Fashioned Oats! 1300! Wilford Brimley should be more concerned with cancer than the diabeetus! Except, units of measurement are important. This study lists their findings in ppb. That’s parts per billion.