Roseanne is back! (And she's a TRUMP VOTER!)

The reboot of the classic sitcom debuted tonight taking on life in America in the Age of Trump.

I've always been a fan of Roseanne Barr. From her first appearance on "The Tonight Show" when she declared she would do housework when Sears came out with a riding vacuum cleaner, I knew she was going to be a star. But her career and her personal life have been up and down and she's lost a lot of fans through her antics. When ABC announced they were rebooting the old show (because apparently Hollywood has completely run out of NEW ideas) I was nervous. Could the recapture the old magic? Do we really WANT to see more of the Conners? My prayer tonight was "Please, don't let this suck."

They did not disappoint. Roseanne and the gang are back and not much has changed (including the afghan on the back of the couch.) They're still living in the same house. They're still poor. They're still bickering. It's hard to believe it's been 21 years since this show went off the air. Unbelievable. The best decision they made was to erase the last year of the original show. Dan's not dead. They didn't win the lottery. Roseanne's reference to the book she had been writing "You know what really would have helped? More bondage and a wizard school." serves as a reminder of just how much culture has come and gone in the last 2 decades.

In some ways, it felt like they were trying to hit all the cultural hot spots for the sake of hitting them. Darlene's a single mom. Her son is "exploring" his sexuality (wearing nail polish and a tutu.) DJ is a veteran with a black wife and daughter. But despite the newcomers, they're still a family. Roseanne drives for Uber. Darlene claims to be home to take care of her parents, but was really laid off from her job. Dan and Roseanne are apparently feeling the effects of Obamacare as they sit down with their little plastic pill dispensers and trade off meds. ("Where are the anti depressants?" asks Roseanne. "They're all yours," replies Dan "Because if your'e not happy, I don't stand a chance at being happy.") The show is taking on a lot of our current societal issues. Let's hope they handle them as well as they did in this first episode.

The biggest one of course is "How do you deal with relatives who voted for Trump/Hillary?" Maybe you're fortunate enough to still be speaking to everybody in YOUR family. But a lot of us still have rifts that haven't healed. The real Roseanne can relate. She told Kimmell there were Trump supporters in her family that were mad at the Hillary voters and vice versa. The night of the election, her daughter was worried that Trump was going to "deport all our gays." On the show, Roseanne is a proud Trump supoorter while her sister Jackie is a distraught, pussy hat wearing "Nasty Woman." They haven't spoken in over a year. And Jackie's first line upon entrance is "What's up, deplorable?"

In the end, the sisters hug despite still disagreeing. There's a profound lesson that our opponents are not our enemies. They're our friends and often, our relatives with whom we have disagreements on how to make America better. Or, as Roseanne tells Jackie: “You wanted the government to give everybody free health care because you’re a good-hearted person. Who can’t do simple math.”

The second episode dealt with Becky's plan to become a surrogate and Darlene's son's first day at school. Future episodes will hit the opioid crisis.

So, welcome back Roseanne! Thank you for bringing this country what it needed most: a good laugh and a realistic TV portrayal of Trump supporters.

No. 1-3

Don't get me wrong. I'm fine with allying with these voters. I'm just not going to support everything they want just had because their guy uttered it and he's the President. If it's good, I'm with you. If it's not, I'm not. I can take it issue by issue and policy by policy.

That just isn't acceptable to either tribe anymore. I'm not a moderate. I'm a hard right conservative with some libertarian (small 'l') leanings. Trump and the new GOP are all over the map politically. Populist is probably the best term for his 40% of the GOP, but nothing is a complete fit.


It seems like Roseanne is really a pretty accurate portrayal of the average Trump voter, specifically the MAGA hat wearing, rally attending, jeering and cheering, Trump primary voter. Even the politics line up with leftist social policy, but enough self interest to not want the government to take all their money. Basically a Clinton Democrat that doesn't want to be a full spectrum leftist. One who finally got tired of being told stand at the back of the bus because all these other groups are more important than they are. You'll shut your hole and know your role.

Trump motivated these voters that have been teetering with a complete break from the Democrats since Bill Clinton, but haven't found any of the GOP nominees appealing. Until Trump that is. They are the new Republican party. Get in line or get labeled a NeverTrump, Hillary loving cuck. Because you aren't allowed to think or approve of some things and disapprove of others, or you are like the fake news media and trying to take down our Dear Leader. You must be 100% committed to the tribe.

There aren't enough conservatives and the rest of the party that isn't in the tribe doesn't have the stones to confront it. They are too worried about backlash, ratings, power and making another buck.


Darn. Now you've made me want to catch the show On Demand. :)