Republicans lost the House in the's a way to fix that

Texas shows the problem and the solutionCredits: NY Times (left) & Deborah Cannon/Austin American-Statesman (right)

Suburbanites absolutely hammered the GOP in 2018...there's a way to win them, and the House, back.

The midterms turned out to be a Blue Wave after all. Besides Democrats reclaiming more House seats since Watergate,…

You might say, the problem was how unpopular Trump is with college-educated whites (especially women) who were often the decisive demographic in Republican electoral setbacks, be they suburban or not. While Trump’s eventual departure from the political scene is a matter of time, decisive voters in the suburbs will need a reason for voting Republican again after many turned to Clinton in 2016 and other Democrats in 2018…and it’s not like 2020 is likely to bring them back either.