Republican Murkowski hated Obamacare in 2015, loves it now

Speculation is heating up that Republicans on Capitol Hill are backtracking on Obamacare repeal, and it looks like Lisa Murkowski is the first to cut and run.

Republicans have been campaigning on Obamacare repeal for years. They used it to ride a tremendous wave of support to historical Congressional victories in 2010, they used it to take the Senate in 2014, and they used it to take the White House in 2016. It can be argued that Romney’s perceived softness on Obamacare, as the champion if a Massachusetts state bill that preceded the ACA, was a deciding factor in the GOP loss in 2012. The American people overwhelmingly dislike the bill, and Republicans have ridden that movement for all it’s worth. Now Murkowski is leading the way as the GOP dumps the American people like a bad one night stand.