The thing about the posters at RedState is that they thrive on contention. They aren't happy just posting agreements with each other; they revel in lashing out at those who don't bow to Trump. That's why their postings are now minimal and ho-hum, and that's also why many of them now comment here - where they can again show their contentious, disagreeable side to those of us who don't toe the line. They just gotta whine, gripe, blame and complain. Cases in point: ColonelRace and cynicalnerd - keep grumbling ContentiousGuys, we kind of enjoy your desperation, but know you're not making an ounce of headway here. If your "man" was actually above reproach, you wouldn't feel the need to constantly run interference for him, now would you?


The intolerant thought control police masquerading as moderators, killed the site.

Did you try to go against Trump with streiff? I do not find him amenable to any criticism.

Hot Air is becoming like that as well. Same commenters and if you dare go against Trump, beware...