Pyongyang Calls for Korean Unification Ahead of Winter Olympics

Pyongyang called for Koreans to “improve North-South relations..."

North Korea addressed “all Koreans at home and abroad” on Thursday, calling for unification with South Korea ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

It’s an uncommon message from the North Korean state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), but recent tensions on the Korean peninsula prompted discussions between North and South Korea in early January.

Pyongyang called for Koreans to “improve North-South relations” and “promote contact, travel, cooperation between the North and South.” The announcement also called for a de-escalation of military exercises on the Korean peninsula – claiming that these newfound unification efforts should be done without the help of other countries.

Twelve North Korean ice hockey players arrived in South Korea for their first practice with the joint women’s Olympic team. Both states agreed to appear at the Olympics this February under a unified flag.

Vice President Pence will attend the 2018 Winter Olympics in an effort to counter Kim Jong Un’s attempts to “hijack the Olympics… in terms of optics and messaging.” A senior White House said on Tuesday that “he has grave concerns… The North Koreans have been master manipulators in the past.”

While Pence will certainly attend the Olympics to root on his fellow Americans, there’s no doubt that his attendance will play a role in keeping American influence in delicate Korean relations.

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Matt Christensen

At some point the US should offer China & Russia the following:

You can have your reduction in joint US-ROK exercises, if you support the reunification of Korea under ROK rule...


I'm sure he thinks he should be in charge of that reunifed Korea. The problem with reunification is that the south would never be ruled by him and he would never give power away. It's kind of like Israel and the Palestinians. When one side will only be satisfied if the other ceases to exist, it doesn't leave anything to negotiate a long term solution. North Korea will have to collapse and Kim lose power (and probably his life) for that to happen. Then, does the South want to finance rebuilding the North to a 21st century country? The economic drag would be tremendous unless it's done over a period of decades. Maybe the security is worth the cost (imagine Mexico with an army on the border and nukes. Would it be worth the economic drag and ingrained corruption to remove the military threat?)


They want re-unification? Fine. The same way Germany re-united- the totalitarian government ceased to exist. Have Fatboi dissolve his government and let the South take over.