Put Your Shotguns Away Dads, Nothing Can be Funny Anymore

A timeless joke about a Dad protecting his daughter with a shotgun has met the perpetual outrage machine. Guess who won.

Former NFL placekicker Jay Feely is a loving dad. He also has a sense of humor. And both those realities are a little more than America’s current, hyper-politicized culture can take right now. Given that it’s late April, that means prom season is in full swing at high schools around the country. That would include the school of Feely’s daughter.

The confluence of these factors led to a pretty funny picture Feely posed for with his daughter and her date, which the former NFL star posted to social media:

The Dad-with-a-shotgun-when-the-boy-comes-to-take-his-daughter-out thing has been around for ages. But that was before the era of perpetual offense where everyone feels obligated to find someone else’s parade to rain all over. And like clockwork, gun confiscation advocates went ballistic.

Shannon Watts: “Oh yay – Amerian dads have kicked off the season of ‘let’s pretend I’m going to shoot my daughter’s date for for (sic) impugning her chastity” pics.”

Shannon is a blast at parties. But then there was the first response thread under Feely’s original Twitter post that seemed to hit all the right social justice themes:

Wayenin: “Let’s see…Daddy poses for a photo by standing between daughter and her date, while holding a hand gun!? The clear message is what? That you own a gun? You make a strong case that MANY GUN OWNERS SHOULD NOT OWN A GUN!! Totally irresponsible.”

Anita Napp: “He is also apparently sending a message that he owns his daughter, and this kid better not trespass on his ‘property.’”

Becca: “Not just that, but also that the daughter can’t make choices for herself. Wrong for so many reasons.”

Sometimes it’s really hard to imagine being so humorless, so obsessed with political posturing that something like this – something that judging by their faces the two kids were enjoying – gets you worked into a lather.

Obviously the dynamic would change if Feely wasn’t responsibly handling the gun. But his finger isn’t on the trigger, he is pointing it downward and treating the gun as if it is loaded – proper handling.

So apparently the only reason we are to be outraged by this Feely photo is that it glorifies violence. Coming from the same folks who find humor in decapitation photographs of President Trump, forgive me for not finding their objections overly credible.

Regardless, Feely has issued the now standard apology to all our humorless betters who command the culture. On to the next outrage.

The joke is that he is overprotective. He has a gun, drawn, to intimidate her date. The joke is self-depreciating.

While I don't find it funny (the whole shotgun at prom idea is a bit backwards) I don't see how this photo is meant for anything but humor.

In am guessing the people who reacted so strongly did not realize this was a joke. And so after like the guy literally pulled a gun on his daughters date.

Hey, Ben, he's not AT the prom, he's not concerned about the PROM, he's giving fair warning for AFTER the prom! Surely you have no kids, esp. girls, of this age! I've 2 of them, didn't follow either to the prom, but sure made sure where they were AFTER the prom! I knew both boys, I know both my daughters. It's nothing but a bit of fatherly advice in a pic (remember? pic worth a 1,000 words?) and reminding them all that there are rules & protocol to follow.

My eldest daughter is mom of 3 of my grandkids, My youngest is now graduating from Purdue with a near- 4.0 after just 3 years, so a bit of fathering goes a long way...

God forbid that a father would actually protect his daughter.

I don't apologize for protecting my daughter. When she got married last year at age 29 like Barbara Bush the only man she is ever kissed is the man she married and that was after they got married. The same was true of the young man she married, that is, she is the only girl he has ever kissed in a romantic way.


This has been a joke since time immemorial. All of this falderal comes from people with time on their hands as they sit in their basements contemplating their next outrage.


Shannon would really be upset with some of my wedding pictures from years ago. Throughout the ceremony my father-in-law held a double-barreled shotgun with a white ribbon tied to it grinning from ear to ear the whole time. I miss that old gentleman. The judge who conducted the ceremony had spotted it leaning in a corner and handed it to him saying "I believe this is yours." We have rational judges around here. Shannon's head would explode, naturally.


Those little leftist turkeys should be the ones we are laughing at, since they have no sense of humor, other than political correctness humor, which isn't funny.

The Left are starting to remind me of truffle pigs, constantly rooting around trying to find something they can use as an excuse for their outrage. One would think that being constantly, endlessly, worked up over what other people do would wear these virtue signalers out, but evidently on the Left if you're not part of the Dependent Class or a race pimp you're one of the Outraged. Though I think the dedicated Lefties manage to wear more than one hat.

Feely's critics are enslaved by thoughtless and unthinking bigotry and they're the ones who should apologize, not Feely. If they were capable of intelligent thought (no danger of that) they'd realize they have the ignorance and immaturity of two-year olds that shouldn't be let out of the house without keepers.

I remember one Saturday night when I was 16 and had a date coming to pick me up. My dad said "When that boy shows up to pick you up I'm going to be sitting there in the living room cleaning my shotgun." I pointed out to him "You don't HAVE a shotgun." My dad replied "I'm going to GET a shotgun." Good times.


That shotgun was at my wedding too ! (it was at my daughters (2) also). I told my son-in-law, If he ever hurt her he would answer to me. When I moved her out, he locked himself in his bedroom. He must have believed me.

Considering it is a joke, as the firearm is within easy striking distance by the "evil rapacious prom date" if he was of such a mindset, so jokes away. I wouldn't even be surprised if dad and daughter and bf altogether go to the gun range altogether.

The same folks that hyperventilate about the humor of father holding a gun wanting to protect his daughter, yet say nothing about the tools in the hand of Planned Parenthood abortionists who have killed more than 50,000,000 children in the past few decades. Hypocrites is a kind word for those folks.


Clearly the left has no use for fathers at all, especially fathers that take their home leadership seriously, including being responsible for preserving their daughter's virtue until the right man marries her (and then the husband takes responsibility for the wife's virtue - another anathema position per the left).