Pro-Free Speech Students Reclaim Campus Expression From the Fascists

Amidst the modern overwhelming rancidness of illiberal, Enlightenment-hating, antediluvian campus fascists violently rioting and shouting down university speakers whose ideas offend their “social justice warrior” snowflake sensibilities

the University of Chicago has consistently managed to stand above the fray. In early 2015, Chicago’s president-appointed Committee on Freedom of Expression produced a refreshingly pro-free speech administrative report, which was ultimately circulated amongst similarly-minded institutions of higher learning as the eponymous “Chicago principles,” and even prompted then-Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens to write glowinglyabout his alma mater in a widely-shared column. Chicago again made headlines last August for its decision to tell all first-year students that, as an institution, it emphatically rejects “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings.” This past February, the Journal once again celebrated the University’s intellectual and moral leadership on this issue.