President Trump's Job Approval at 11 Month High

President Trump's job approval numbers continue to dwarf Congress

President Trump’s weekly job approval ticked up to an eleven month high of 42% in Gallup’s latest tracking poll. Rasmussen has President Trump at 49%. It should also be noted that President Trump’s disapproval number at 53% is at a one year low.

These numbers are in spite of the ongoing government money dump that is the Mueller investigation, which is on the heels of finally locating the coveted Holy Grail. Other news that continues to hammer away at President Trump is the Stormy Daniels' strip club tour, Comey wanting to sell more books, and the recent revelation that President Trump is indeed intergalactic supervillian Thanos.

News that buoys President Trump’s approval numbers, particularly among those in the suburbs and rural areas, is his role in potentially ending the decades-long war between North and South Korea, 401Ks and other retirement funds continuing to grow because of tax cuts (Senator Rubio would disagree. Not surprised.), and the administration’s decision to prohibit certain newcomers from entering our fantastic country. You know, actual tangible policy decisions that make sense.

Despite being labeled as Lucifer by some, President Trump’s average is still well above Gallup’s latest tracking poll of Congress which has them hovering below the Mendoza Line at 18%.

That's one way of describing it. Also a misleading one, since his RCP average is still a lackluster 43%. One would think that that being his eleven-month high would be depressing, not something to celebrate.

Trump should just buy Rasmussen and rename it "Harold Bornstein Outfit for Polling and Medical Note Writing".

I know, I know, there were couple others this time, but they are reputable companies and are allowed occasional outlier.

I don't even follow these numbers since they drift back and forth +/-10%. If he can ever break 55 or 60% (presumably possible if he gets the Nobel he would deserve for bringing peace to the Korean peninsula) then I'll be suitably impressed.

Considering that the President's negative story ratio is around twice his approval numbers, I'd say he's doing remarkably well.