President Trump Is The Next Sex Abuser Target

The left and the elite press class have a reason they need to win on Roy Moore. If they can paint even a committed evangelical as a sexual abuser, the ultimate target is the president himself.

"Never let a crisis go to waste" is the left's mantra, repeated by Rahm Emanuel early in President Obama's first term. This applies to every kind of crisis, including the latest spate of sexual harassment revelations rocking Hollywood and beyond.

Now don't get me wrong: The dam holding back the cesspool of the worst abusers in the entertainment business needed to be unplugged, and the cesspool needed to be drained. We are all better off when the Harvey Weinsteins, Charlie Sheens, and Kevin Spaceys of this world are exposed for what they are.

And now we have Roy Moore in the political cesspool. Politics has always bred its share of abusive, sex-crazed offenders. It's also been a hive of who-sleeps-with-whom, going back to FDR, John F. Kennedy, and of course Ted Kennedy, who never got his prize due to a particular drive into the cold waters of Cape Cod. Not to mention (but I will) Larry Craig, Dennis Hastert, and umm, Bill Clinton. Sex is not particular to political party. I don't think I could be wrong saying it's the universal temptation of mankind.

I've already given my opinion on Roy Moore's situation . I believe many of his Christian defenders are willing to place politics over God's Word and moral necessities. I also believe that the most serious accusation against Moore carries a legitimacy that goes beyond "she said/he said." Many women have come forward and said "that's me" in Leigh Corfman's account, including why she held back telling her story publicly for 38 years.

Even more damaging, recently, Breitbart , in an attempt to discredit the story as a political hit job, actually lent it more credibility by pointing out that Corfman had to be cajoled into publishing on the record by the Washington Post.

So, the facts from 38 years ago are probably somewhere in the haze of all these stories. Something likely happened between Corfman and Moore. What happened is probably not exactly what Corfman told WaPo under their salivating, hand-wringing rush to get this out. But it's also not nothing at all, given many of the women who have suffered similar situations and been scared to death to go public.

Why the left is all-in on Moore

All that aside, the left and the elite media is all-in on this story. They want it to stick because it gives them a huge lever against Christians. The Los Angeles Times published an op-ed Sunday by Kathryn Brightbill about the evangelical practice of marrying early, "courtship," and what amounts to arranged marriages. She savages such well-known theologians as Doug Wilson, even dragging John Piper into her sights, along with cultural targets like Phil Robertson.

The allegations against Roy Moore are merely a symptom of a larger problem. It’s not a Southern problem or an Alabama problem. It’s a Christian fundamentalist problem. Billy Graham’s grandson, Boz Tchividjian, who leads the organization GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in a Christian Environment),believes that the sexual abuse problem in Protestant communities is on par with that in the Catholic Church.

American Christians who have supported Donald Trump have set themselves up for this line of attack. Sexual abuse and harassment is a problem everywhere, but when Christians can't discern between those who need repentance and correction, and political figures who flaunt their sin, we deserve to be bushwhacked by people like Brightbill and the media.

Can't all of the below be true at the same time?

  1. Sexual temptation is universal, transcending religion, political orientation and gender.
  2. Evangelicals have a problem dealing with this kind of sin, because we maintain, without strict accountability and confession, we are "holier-than-thou" because we read the Bible and say we believe it.
  3. The political attack on Roy Moore is the worst order of slime, planned and executed with a purpose.
  4. If successful, the Moore attack will be used next on President Donald Trump.

This is the reason the left and liberal media are so invested in the Moore accusations. If Roy Moore, who has been married for 32 years to one wife, without a single accusation of philandering, can be brought down for doing something other Christians have let slide and even advocated, then what will the press do with Trump's well-known marital failures and obtuse, disgusting remarks about women?

The ultimate goal is to troll

The left already thinks that most evangelicals are beyond acceptance into the public square in the marketplace of ideals. But what happens when they can throw "reckoning" and moral questioning right back in our faces? What happens when their moral preening isn't preening, but questioning the very foundations of conservative world views? I don't think they'll persuade critical thinkers, but that's not the goal.

The goal is to troll enough Trump supporters--voters who react based cultural beliefs mixed with fear--that the people they trust aren't really who they say they are. They they, in fact, are being pandered to.

Ultimately, the goal is to put Trump exactly where Bill Clinton was, in an impeachment trial in the Senate. If they take out Moore, they'll go for other Christians and conservatives with similar kinds of accusations. Don't act surprised when it happens. Then they'll go after Trump.

If they can get Ben Sasse to step away from Roy Moore, how many conservative Republicans can they get to step away from Trump when they make their play?

Pro-Trump blogger Cliff Kincaid noted Sunday:

One can argue that everything but the kitchen sink has already been thrown at Trump and he has survived nonetheless. But since the election we have seen that the allegations of sexual harassment have been cast as a major blight on American society, making it more likely that “new” accusers against Trump will be found and that a new variation of the “scandal” will be used to cast a pall over the presidency. The same members of the GOP establishment lined up against Moore will be called upon to dump Trump.

The GOP establishment will Julius Caesar Trump

Should we believe that the GOP establishment would do everything it could to protect Trump, or that they'd very much enjoy re-enacting Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene 1 upon Trump? I think we know the answer there.

It's certainly a conundrum. Reacting to a political shiv thrust into Moore's side by the same who'd use it on Trump is a terrible choice. For Moore's sake, for his family, his wife, and his standing before God, I hope the accusations aren't true. I hope WaPo or someone paid Corfman to embellish her story and that WaPo wrote it in such a way as to generate maximum sympathy. I hope this is WaPo's "Rolling Stone" University of Virginia moment.

But it's probably not that cut-and-dried. So we must be careful. I still think Moore should step aside, but I think it should be done in a way that doesn't indict other Christians--even denying the accusations while stepping out in the "interests of the Party" would be a better outcome than losing the election and all credibility.

I don't suggest there's a "good" solution to this, but we should be prepared for a whole lot more of it. They won't stop until it's Trump in the cesspool.

No. 1-7

Trump is already in the cesspool. He got there before he married his first wife and has never left. The only reason Trump has survived in politics this long is because the alternative was Hillary.


It is ironic that we had a President who was a known rapist and people accepted that. Now we have a person who is a candidate for the senate that has an impeccable reputation for over 30 years who is being considered unfit for office. If what is claimed is true he should have been cited at the time. He was not. He is not that person now nor has he shown any signs of being that person for the 32 years that he has been married. Jesus forgave us our sins. Which of us have not done things in our youth that we have regretted. If he has shown this type of behavior in the past ten or even twenty years I would say he still has a problem. If he did these things how long are we going to condemn him? Why were the indiscretions of Bill Clinton overlooked when he continued to exhibit his indiscretions and not Roy Moore who is a changed man. How would his distant past affect his decisions as a Senator? I may be a lone voice in the woods. I condemn him for what he may have done in the past, but choose to judge him for the man he is now. This was dug up only for political reasons and I think it should be taken that way. It is political period. These women are bringing this up now because they are being encouraged to do so whether or not there testimony is factual.

Steve Berman
Steve Berman


@DixieDame I am not assuming guilt. I think the evidence points to something happened versus he didn't know her. I think it's troubling that the evidence points that way, and I think many people have reached the same conclusion. People who already dislike Moore treat him as guilty, while people who support him defend him "innocent until proven guilty." But that only works in the courts, where the accused need not present a defense at all--the burden is 100% on the prosecution. Here that does not apply.

The 53 pastors who praise Moore might be correct in their own interactions with him, but they are not serving the interests of Christ by refusing to follow the evidence here. I wonder how accountable they are in their own lives?


Steve, you are still assuming he is guilty. I'm sure you don't know him personally. You need to read the letter on signed by 53 Alabama pastors giving Moore the highest praise. Moore is greatly misunderstood and deserves better than this desperate last-minute smear job. Alabama voters seem to be rallying to him, and I hope it holds and he wins the election.


This is how the Left is turning the Harvey Weinstein situation in their favor. The climate is now accepting of accusers whether true or not. The Left is many things, but they rarely miss opportunities for destruction.