Please, Stop Talking About Tax Returns

Newsflash: When you say taxes, people stop listening.

Right now, Democrats and Republicans in Georgia are involved in the world's most boring, useless mudslinging match. Really folks, it is painful. The issue goes back to Stacey Abrams' personal financial disclosures from early March. Abrams is the Democratic nominee for Governor, and her financial disclosures show that she owes the IRS over $50,000. There's also an ethics complaint regarding over $80k in reimbursements from her state house campaign account. The state GOP is now calling for Abrams to release her tax returns to prove she actually has a source of income. Stacey responded by pointing out that the Georgia GOP is currently in debt. Even the nerdiest Georgia politicos are bored stiff by this nonsense.

Abrams is an objectively terrible candidate. Setting aside her issues managing her own personal finances, Abrams is getting all kinds of money from outside powerbrokers. She is a far left extremist in a state where Democrats often side with Republican leadership more than conservatives do. The last popular statewide Democrat was endorsed by the NRA. Georgia's political ideology hasn't changed, the parties changed. We have always loved God, guns, and low taxes. If the Democrats want to flip Georgia, they'll have to do it the exact same way Republicans did: convince voters the Democratic Party loves God, guns, and low taxes more than Republicans do. Guess what? Abrams will never pull that off. Jon Ossoff ran in the most moderate district in north Georgia, and even he ran as "Republican Lite." We need to focus on Abrams' liberal ideology, not her tax returns. We have our very own Bernie Sanders running here in Georgia, and that far left ideology scares the daylights out of most Georgians. Let's leverage that to turn out conservative voters in November, her tax returns are just a distraction. This stunt has been tried before, and it failed.

Remember when everyone wanted to see Trump's tax returns? Yeah, we still haven't seen them. And in case you forgot, he won. There's a very simple, very important lesson here: nobody cares. When the GOP hounds Stacey Abrams about her tax returns, it just reminds people of Harry Reid and his embarrassing stunt with Mitt Romney. Republicans need to focus on relating to voters. Brian Kemp seems to be the only Republican in the whole state that gets it. Blow stuff up, take pictures with guns, talk to regular people. It really is that simple. When we talk about tax returns, voters' eye glaze over.

Luckily for the GOP, Stacey Abrams looks quite childish in all of this crazy mudslinging. Using the Georgia GOP debt as a defense is, at best, laughable. It doesn't disqualify all Republicans from serving as Governor, and it certainly doesn't forgive Abrams' financial issues. John Padgett, the former Georgia GOP chairman that accrued the debt, isn't qualified to be Governor. So what? We knew that. He isn't running for Governor, so none of that matters. Stacey Abrams is now off on a stupid rabbit trail that nobody cares about. At this point, even the most partisan voters on both sides have checked out.

Once you wade through this nonsense, the Republican nominee is going to steamroll Stacey Abrams in November. However, we can't afford to bore our voters to tears with these low energy gimmicks. John Barrow, the Democrat running for Secretary of State, is going to be a formidable opponent. If the Democrats take the Secretary of State's office, they will cause all kinds of problems for Trump in 2020. We've got to energize our base, and turn out conservatives to ensure Barrow loses. Arguing about tax returns isn't going to do that. Please, forget about this nonsense and focus on conservative policy. Nobody cares about Stacey Abrams' tax returns.

No. 1-1

I never lived in Georgia, but have lived in Louisiana (now in Virginia), and my daughter now lives in Georgia. Translation: I am reasonably well-versed in things Southern.

When I saw that a far-left candidate had won the Democrat primary, my first thought was: thanks, Dems, that's a gimme. Anything could happen, but I'll wager that the good citizens of Georgia will know what's what come the election this November.

As you write, some things are eternal in the South: God, Guns, low taxes. You left out good barbecue, but I don't want to get involved in a theological discussion as to where the best BBQ is to be had...