Please don't let this Cambridge Analytica thing kill Facebook!

Sure, it's a giant corporate behemoth selling my personal data for profit. But look at this cute cat video!

Liberals were apparently distraught to learn that an election consulting firm used data to target voters. As Erick…

Frankly, I don't understand what everyone is making such a big deal about that. Do you ever listen to the news promos for your local TV channel during Sweeps month? "Is there something on your school's playground that is killing our children? Find out here at 11." (Spoiler alert: the answer is NO.) Every media frenzy from the Ebola outbreak to school shootings is an appeal to fear. And it's not just the liberal media either. Check out Todd Starnes columns over at Town Hall and you'll be convinced that Christians in America will be rounded up next week and shot in the streets. The left wing media has us convinced that our children are about to be snatched off the streets by pedophiles, the Klan is going to start lynching people again and racists are snatching the scarves off of every Muslim girl on the subway. The right wing media highlights every crime committed by an illegal alien (and every left wing hysteria that turns out to be a hoax.) It's not that these things aren't actually happening, but depending on which bubble you inhabit, you're convinced they're happening at an alarming rate.