Planned Parenthood Inadvertently Admits that an Unborn Baby is a Baby

The Maryland office of Planned Parenthood celebrated a surgery that should lead to fewer abortions.

Occasionally, even folks on the left will admit the truth that contradicts their narrative, even if by accident. Take this gem of a tweet by Planned Parenthood of Maryland:

So, is it a baby in the womb, or not? And no matter what you call it, why is Planned Parenthood celebrating experimental and pioneering surgery on a baby in the womb? Here’s a little detail about this amazing and miraculous surgery on a baby in the womb with spina bifida:

Usually, the prenatal surgery requires cutting open the uterus. But after carefully studying the options and consulting various specialists, Lexi and Joshuwa Royer chose an experimental approach. In that procedure, developed at Texas Children’s Hospital by Dr. Michael Belfort, the obstetrician and gynecologist-in-chief, and Dr. William Whitehead, a pediatric neurosurgeon, doctors make just tiny slits in the uterus to insert a camera and miniature instruments. The camera sends images to a monitor that the surgeons watch so they can see what they are doing…

For the Royers, the procedure, described in an Oct. 23 article in The New York Times, lived up to its promises. Mrs. Royer’s pregnancy lasted the full nine months, and she had a happy, uncomplicated vaginal birth with her husband by her side. Dr. Belfort delivered their son.

Don’t you think that such miracles of modern medicine would stand to cut into Planned Parenthood’s business? If doctors can perform surgeries that correct otherwise debilitating procedures, these advances should mean fewer abortions.

Whether or not Planned Parenthood realizes what they’ve done and what they’re celebrating, it’s exciting to see this kind of medical breakthrough. We’ll definitely celebrate it here at The Resurgent, and we welcome anyone else who does too.

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A woman in our church and her unborn baby had the same kind of surgery last week in Philadelphia. Praise the Lord for giving surgeons the skills and equipment for this!



@ekay Exactly! Here's hoping medicine will continue to advance on that front.


An article like this makes me wonder how mnay babies who are born with abnormalities could be saved from life-long disabilities by procedures on them while they are still in the womb. Each little step often leads to greater advances. How many more children could be operated on before birth, thus live free of diabilities?