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Claire McCaskill’s “road trip” takes to the skies, while a Nevada brothel bro wins a GOP primary.

Ah, life on the campaign trail. Bill Clinton famously loved it. Hillary Clinton even more famously hated it. But if you want to get elected, there’s no two ways about it—you gotta hit the road, meet the people and press the flesh.

Of course, how you hit the road can matter almost as much as where you go, especially when you’re trying to convince the public that you’re just a regular guy or gal fighting for the regular folk from some lofty perch in Washington, DC. Enter Claire McCaskill, who finds herself in an uphill battle trying to hold on to her Senate seat in a state that Donald Trump won by nearly twenty points. Trying to generate a little mo’ in the big MO, McCaskill decided to go on a three-day tour to highlight veterans’ issues. The campaign rented an RV, live blogged the trip, and even encouraged travelers to tweet the hashtag #bigblue whenever they chanced to spot McCaskill’s Mirthmobile on the highways and byways of Missouri.

But apparently an RV—rather like fish and houseguests—begins to smell after three days, which forced McCaskill to call in some air support:

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill admitted she used a private plane during parts of her RV tour of Missouri on Tuesday.

The admission came after a report in the conservative Washington Free Beacon, which reported that the movements of McCaskill's private jet had closely tracked with certain legs of her three-day RV tour...

McCaskill on Tuesday called the Free Beacon report "not accurate" and dismissed the notion that she was trying to hide the use of the plane.

"The plane picked me up at the end of one day after I spent all day on the RV and it took me to my overnight location," she told CNN. "And the next day we used the plane to add a stop. But I was on the RV totally -- two of the three days I was out."

Two whole days? In a $250,000 RV? It’s a wonder she made it through. I imagine McCaskill felt the same way that Tersea Heinz-Kerry did when she was forced to choke down that Wendy’s chili on the campaign trail with her husband John back in 2004. The sight of that private plane coming to her rescue must have been like the taste of foie gras for the Kerrys after that fast-food horror show.

On the other hand, it kind of blows the whole fanfare for the common man vibe McCaskill was trying to achieve. As you would expect, her Republican opponent Josh Hawley wasted no time in rolling out the trolling:

If I were Hawley, I’d start playing “Come Fly With Me” whenever I talked about Claire McCaskill.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, a GOP candidate for the state legislature is appealing to the average Joe by channeling his inner pimp—not to mention his outer one:

A pimp, brothel owner, and HBO adult reality star won the Republican primary for the Nevada state Legislature on Tuesday.

Dennis Hof, who authored the book “The Art of the Pimp,” ousted James Oscarson, a three-term lawmaker and hospital executive.

An adult reality star won a GOP primary? What happened, did somebody lose a bet or something?

“It's all because Donald Trump was the Christopher Columbus for me," Hof told the Associated Press. "He found the way and I jumped on it."

Hof has dubbed himself “The Trump of Pahrump,” in reference to his Pahrump, Nevada residence. Hoff will face Democrat Lesia Romanov in November, and will be the favored candidate in the Republican-leaning Assembly district.

Well, never let it be said that Donald Trump hasn’t changed the culture. Maybe if Hof wins, he could invite Kim Jong-un to one of his establishments for special kind of “summit” to sweeten the whole nuke deal. Between that and the Miami-style condos offered by President Trump, the North Korean dictator will be putty in our hands.

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Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson

You pushed the wrong GOP candidate, Austin Petersen is a much better choice than Hawley the Ladder Climber and is polling better against Claire to boot.

Also unlike Hawley, he understands the 2nd Amendment:


I remember when McCaskill ran last time and her biggest accomplishment she could point to was how she’d helped make sure bodies were properly entombed in Arlington. That’s great, and all, but as a Missourian (Arlington is in Virginia) I couldn’t quite wrap my head around why that was more important to me then the ludicrously burdensome to my income bracket Obama Care bill she so strongly championed. I was sure she was done. And then the Republicans ran “legitimate rape” jackass. It’s like it was a race to see who could be more incompetent.


I think Trump just found his Western White House!!


So now we're defending brothels and brothel owners, ConservativeChick? Behold the price we are willing to pay for undiluted, unexceptionable adulation of Donald Trump.


"A pimp, brothel owner, and HBO adult reality star won the Republican primary for the Nevada state Legislature on Tuesday." It's Nevada. This surprises me not. Brothels are legal businesses in Nevada. Nevada contains Las Vegas. Who else would be elected in a state like that?