Pimp My Ride

Claire McCaskill’s “road trip” takes to the skies, while a Nevada brothel bro wins a GOP primary.

Ah, life on the campaign trail. Bill Clinton famously loved it. Hillary Clinton even more famously hated it. But if…

Of course, how you hit the road can matter almost as much as where you go, especially when you’re trying to convince the public that you’re just a regular guy or gal fighting for the regular folk from some lofty perch in Washington, DC. Enter Claire McCaskill, who finds herself in an uphill battle trying to hold on to her Senate seat in a state that Donald Trump won by nearly twenty points. Trying to generate a little mo’ in the big MO, McCaskill decided to go on a three-day tour to highlight veterans’ issues. The campaign rented an RV, live blogged the trip, and even encouraged travelers to tweet the hashtag #bigblue whenever they chanced to spot McCaskill’s Mirthmobile on the highways and byways of Missouri.