Pelosi Makes 2nd In-Kind Contribution to President Trump 2020 and the GOP

Nancy Pelosi cuts promo for GOP this fall

If first you don’t succeed, dig yourself a bigger hole. A much bigger hole. That seems to be Nancy Pelosi’s mantra these days after making her second in-kind contribution to President Trump and the GOP. She made her first just a few weeks ago.

And I thought I needed a vacation.

Now she makes her second. Pelosi’s recent comments about the latest unemployment numbers—an 18-year-low at 3.8%—are premium advertising content for this fall’s election, which was supposed to be a blue wave.

Supposed to be. It’s looking more like a Independence Day sparkler prematurely fizzling.

“Hip hip hooray, unemployment is down. What does that mean to me and my life? I need a bigger paycheck,” Pelosi crowed.

She even went on to attack the 18-year high in Consumer Confidence Index—a key indicator regarding the buying intentions of consumers.

How’s that blue wave looking? Get out the Zippo.

What’s even more startling is that Pelosi is contradicting the 2011 Nancy Pelosi. Imagine that. I could never imagine a politician contradicting oneself.

Let’s take a look at part of the transcript from Pelosi’s appearance during CBS News' Face the Nation back in January 2011

BOB SCHIEFFER: As you know. Unemployment actually ticked up to 9.1 percent but this was just part of the story.


BOB SCHIEFFER: A series of numbers that have been really, really bad lately, the number of new jobs created--


BOB SCHIEFFER: --fifty-four thousand, far fewer than expected. Home prices hit a new low in the first quarter of the year. Home sales are down again. Consumer confidence is down. And gas and food prices are up. I have to say, congresswoman, many of the experts thought the recovery would be well underway by now.


BOB SCHIEFFER: But it looks like we’re going backwards now, that-- that we may be on the verge of a double-dip recession here. Do you-- do you fear that’s what’s happened?

REPRESENTATIVE NANCY PELOSI: Well, I think we have to take a careful look at those figures to see. The unemployment numbers are obviously very disturbing. Are they an anomaly as some people suggest, because of the disasters in the South and the Midwest and the rest or is this something systemic that-- that we have to accommodate in a different way? But all of it translates into hardship for America’s middle class and they’re feeling it very, very severely.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Back in 2011, high unemployment numbers are disturbing. It translates into hardship for Middle America. But when unemployment hits a 17-year-low it’s so much for the relevancy of unemployment numbers.

I also find it curious that Pelosi also was once concerned about black unemployment numbers. During her appearance on the Tom Joyner Show in 2013 she sure sounded like it. Here’s part of the transcript.

APRIL RYAN: Well, Leader Pelosi, I want to start this off first. Sunday you’re going to be addressing the 58th Annual Freedom Fund Dinner at the Detroit branch of the NAACP. And what are you going to discuss? Because there’s a lot to talk about, particularly as it pertains to minority America right now.

NANCY PELOSI: Well, you know, I’m really honored to be invited by Congressman John Conyers, Chairman. And the theme of the dinner is Freedom Must Never Be Defaulted, It Must Forever be Exalted. And I view freedom as not only empowering of voters, and stopping the voters suppression in that, but also jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. And what my conversation with the 10,000 people there will be about the past, the entire unemployment, or the entire economy addressing the special concerns in the community because we have high unemployment in the African American community. But also it really faces reality that the republicans, they tried to deprive President Obama of a second term. They failed. Now they’re trying to deprive him of a legacy. And his legacy is about jobs. His budget is about jobs. And they’re trying to block that. We can’t take no for an answer.

I guess now with low unemployment numbers for the black community that number/concern doesn’t matter either.

Maybe Romney was right when he said Trump is going to be reelected. Or what about “Sea Legs” Manchin, who is now abandoning the Hillary Clinton ship and swimming towards President Trump, hoping for a life saver.


No. 1-5

That's the thing John, they could and should nominate some boring governor or senator we've barely heard from, who just comes on TV once a month to say "I'm not Donald Trump." But they won't.


The Dem leadership, ALL of them, will soon be relegated to the dust heap of history. Whether the Party follows depends on whether they still respect American founding principles.

Trump & Sessions are about to give them the old one-two. Not based on partisanship, but one right vs. wrong, and legal vs. illegal!! Both Huber & Horowitz were appointed originally by Obama!!


Isn't this Nancy's 3rd in-kind contribution? I consider her "crumbs" remark her 1st.


If the Democrats nominate someone who looks and sounds competent and non-threatening, he or she will beat Trump in a landslide. They have shown no ability to realize this, however.