Pelosi: 'Conyers Should Resign,' Finally Some Sanity in Congress

John Conyers should go. Al Franken should go. If not, why not bring back Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, and Bill O'Reilly?

After an embarrassing defense of Rep. John Conyers last week, Nancy Pelosi finally admitted what we all know. Rep. John Conyers should resign. She joined Speaker Paul Ryan in calling for this, which brings sanity to Congress.

Conyers, after attending the Congressional Black Caucus meeting (in which he had a "very candid" conversation about his future) Tuesday, flew home and checked into a hospital.

After the CBC meeting, Conyers on Tuesday flew back to Detroit and according to Detroit media outlets he is currently in the hospital for a “stress-related” illness. In other Detroit media reports Wednesday, Conyers’ lawyer said he would not resign but sources close to him said he would not run for re-election in 2018.

Anyone paying attention can see there's a double standard between politics and other public positions.

Were Conyers (and Franken, for that matter) to resign, it would go a little way to restoring confidence that our elected federal officials have even an ounce of accountability.

If Conyers and Franken stay in office, while Garrison Keillor gets canned, then we know our political system and its moral foundation has broken in a profound way. If the politicians are blind to this, it will be up to voters to apply the corrective. Unfortunately, in our tribal system, that's also becoming more and more unlikely. We'd rather have people, who in any other profession, would be run out on a rail, elected to high office because we think their vote in Congress is more important than human dignity.

That's the greatest shame of all. At least Pelosi has bowed to the lowest moral bar. Conyers should go. Franken should go. I won't weigh in on Trump: He's always been a known quantity. If Trump and Bill Clinton are the standard-setters, we should let Kevin Spacey make movies again, give Matt Lauer his Today Show host job back, and bring back Bill O'Reilly.

If we're going to indulge in insanity, why not go the whole way?

No. 1-1

I am not a Democrat, but you have to like what Conyer's lawyer said about Pelosi. and I have to agree with that lawyer. That doesn't mean Conyers should retire, and soon, but it isn't the place for Pelosi to make these kind of pronouncements. Pelosi should resign for being a ditz leftist. Who is going to pronounce that?