Patriots Prove Again Why Everyone Hates Them

Last night, in an unprecedented bush league move even for the Patriots, Josh McDaniels backed out of a job he'd accepted

For years, the competitive hatred between the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots was intense and beautiful. Symbolized in the epic quarterback duels between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, the rivalry drove NFL ratings and popularity to new heights. There couldn’t have been starker contrasts:

  • The impersonal coach, Bill Belichick vs. the lovable Tony Dungy
  • The mysterious quarterback with a perpetual chip on his shoulder, Tom Brady vs. the face of the NFL, Peyton Manning
  • The working-class, low draft picks of the Patriots vs. the high-pedigree, big names of the Colts

To be sure, with a few notable exceptions, New England usually got the better of Indy – a reality no less complicated by the Patriots’ notorious cheating scandals:

  • Willie McGinest’s fake injury prior to stuffing Edgerrin James at the goal line and proceeding to sprint down the field in celebration…completely uninjured
  • Spying on opponents’ locker rooms
  • Tom Brady having equipment managers illegally deflate his footballs for better grip

But sadly for fans of the NFL, the rivalry has been anything but exciting in recent years. The Colts have been mired in mediocrity with their promising franchise quarterback sidelined by repeated injury, and the Patriots have kept on winning.

After last night, all that may be about to change.

For weeks it has been a foregone conclusion that Patriots’ Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels was on his way to Indianapolis to take over the struggling team as their new head coach. How sure was it?

  • The Colts had passed on all their other coaching options, and were patiently waiting until McDaniels was done coaching the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
  • McDaniels had agreed to the contract terms offered by Colts’ owner Jim Irsay.
  • McDaniels had put together a coaching staff to join him in Indy.
  • Many of those coaches that were joining McDaniels in Indy had quit their current jobs, uprooted their families and come to Indy.
  • The Colts had extended contracts to several of these new McDaniels’ picks, and some – like new Defensive Coordinator Matt Eberflus – are already on the job.
  • The Colts officially announced McDaniels was the new coach and scheduled his introductory press conference for Thursday.
  • Colts owner Jim Irsay had scheduled to fly McDaniels to Indy today aboard his private jet in anticipation of the official introduction.

Then last night, in an unprecedented bush league move, Josh McDaniels backed out. He left the Colts hanging, left his new staff hanging, left the families of those new coaches hanging, and forever harmed the coaching prospects of NFL assistants who are forced to coach deep into the playoffs with their current teams.

League sources are reporting that this is all the workings of Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft who has promised to try to screw the Colts every chance he gets as payback for the deflated football scandal. A scandal that he, in classic Patriots’ style, blames on the Colts rather than his own team for deflating the footballs.

So where does all this go? That may be the best part of this whole story.

  • For McDaniels, he has perhaps wisely recognized he lacks the character and management skills to coach his own team apart from Bill Belichick. His first attempt at doing so years ago in Denver failed miserably, after all. He will stay safely huddled under the wing of a great coach.
  • For the Patriots, they have successfully screwed over their former rivals and, if they actually want him, have a successor for whenever Belichick retires or moves on.
  • For the Colts, they are putting on a brave – if not angry – face. But let’s be honest: they’re in turmoil. No coach, no quarterback, a roster in flux, and now looking for someone to come in and manage a staff that is already hired for him.

If nothing else, this is sure to stoke the fires of an old rivalry that has been far too boring in recent years. The Colts play the Patriots next year in New England. It won’t be boring.


I'm afraid you've stumble into a typical non-sequitur when it comes to issues surrounding the Colts. From your perspective, there's never anything that can be wrongly done to the Colts because of something that transpired nearly THRITY-FIVE years ago (bitter much?)! Ironically, I agree with you on the colts move; it was dirty and underhanded. However, you apparently fail to see that NO ONE in the current Colts org remotely had a hand in that move. That was Bob Irsay, not his son, Jim, who is currently the owner of the team. There are neither coaches nor players with the team now that had anything to do with that move. In fact, most of the current players were not even BORN at the time of the move, so your point is actually rather moot.

What is neither moot nor outdated is the fact that someone who agreed to be coach convinced others to join him in Indy. People quit jobs, moved schools for the kids, uprooted families and completely changed environments and then bailed on those people who trusted him.

Now it would seem rather revealing that you would use one poor act of sportsmanship and common decency in order to justify another.


Reads like a soap opera. I'm glad sports don't interest me at all. Saves a lot of time and unnecessary drama! =)


cnkiv - there is no evidence, NONE, to support the assertion that either Brady, the 'ball boys' or anyone in their organization deflated any footballs. The Commissioner has the authority, vested in him by his contract with the NFL owners, to mete out punishment as he deems fit and/or necessary. Justice Richard Berman of the US District Court - southern district of NY - threw the Commissioner's ruling out. Citing a lack of due process, failure of the Commissioner and his office to provide witnesses for deposition, hiding or removing evidence - all of these offenses led to Berman's ruling. On appeal the Commissioner won his case 2 of the 3 justices ruling in the Commissioner's favor by ruling the Commissioner is not subject to rules of evidence - the Commissioner has the authority to make a very wide range rulings. Lastly, the Commissioner's office was provided the smart phones of the 2 ball boys - neither of which shows any conspiracy on the part of TB 12 to deflate footballs or, in the aftermath of the accusations, conspire to hide evidence of collusion to deflate footballs. As a side note, Justice Berman was the trial judge that sentenced Dnesh D'souza to prison for his contributions to a political candidate


I never particularly liked them, but at one time had a grudging respect of them, until "Deflategate". Their "boy next door" quarterback, seemingly imtellegent, polite, and well mannered clean cut "all american" cheated. Disgusting!