Pathetic Google Tries to Silence a Jewish Guy Who Intimidates Them

Freedom will win, and Google will lose. It’s up to them whether that will happen sooner rather than later.

It’s one of the most telling attributes of a leftist: they don’t like competition.

I don’t just mean their disdain for economic competition and preference for command economies and government control of production and redistribution. I mean everything.

  • In the Cold War, leftists built walls to prevent competing ideas from entering their countries and preventing those who intrigued by different ideas from leaving.
  • On university campuses, leftists possess a stranglehold on curriculum, while conservative professors are denied tenure, maintaining an embarrassing unanimity of political, religious, and social philosophy at institutions that are supposedly designed for the free exchange of ideas.
  • In healthcare debates, leftists seek to eliminate competitive markets, favoring one option for all people, all the time.
  • In athletics, leftists were the originators of the no scorekeeping, everyone-gets-a-trophy pseudo psychology for developing self-confident kids.
  • In social policy, leftists say you can believe what you want, but you are not allowed to follow the dictates of your own conscience when it comes to your associations and professional conduct; you must act in accordance with their conscience instead, or face fines and jail time.
  • In science, leftists forbid any questioning of Darwinian theory and attempt to equate those who disagree with their views on global warming with Holocaust deniers and flat-earthers.
  • With regard to race and gender, leftists name-call, chastise, and eviscerate the character of any minority person who dares think for themselves in a way that contradicts liberal orthodoxy.

The left hates competition.

And now we see the next frontier of liberal fascism unfolding:

Conservative firebrand and Editor in Chief of the Site Daily Wire (Ben Shapiro) is one of the fastest growing conservative voices on the planet. Millennials tune into him by the thousands.

And because of that, Google has decided that he must be punished. For the leftist corporation that is the primary controller of information in today’s world, Shapiro is too dangerous to allow him to go without some form of censorship.

That’s what happened when popular YouTube personality, Dave Rubin, interviewed Shapiro and posted it to his channel. According to Rubin, YouTube (which is owned by Google) demonetized the video after it had gone up. He brought some pictures as proof.

This is what made the leftwing panic over “net neutrality” so ridiculous. They don’t want neutrality on the net. They don’t want the free exchange of ideas. They want total control of the flow of information – it’s what leftists have wanted since the invention of leftists.

This type of nanny-state, heavy-handed, we-know-what’s-best-for-you authoritarianism is at the heart of progressivism, and is what has always concerned conservatives about the far left titans running internet giants like Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. It was only a matter of time until they began the censoring march to unanimity of thought that leftists have always desired.

This is annoying and it’s pathetic, to be sure. But the good thing is that freedom always finds a way to conquer. If Google and Facebook war against competing thoughts too broadly, too openly – if they slander everyone who holds views different to their corporate leaders as haters, discriminators, Nazis, racists, and bigots – they’ll become as big of a joke as the Southern Poverty Law Center has become.

Somebody smarter, with a better business plan and a stronger commitment to free information will rise up and swamp them. It always happens. Freedom will win, and Google will lose. It’s up to Google if that will be sooner rather than later.

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We need Jeff sessions to step in and force YouTube to allow this video to be monetized



DuckDuckGo is EASILY the best search engine. They don't track you and their results are fare more relevant than those found elsewhere.


etbass i know about the other stuff google does. but i believe duck duck go is an anonymizer that uses google as its back end. But search engine and marketing is where to start the competition on google.


@dirkbelig. Isn't that a quote from animal farm?


TomBrown is one of those liberal fascists who tries to pretend that he's libertarian by making noises about "private property rights" to obscure that he completely agrees with Google deciding that only creators promulgating approved thought should be allowed to make money from their creations.

He feels that if you don't want to toe the Leftists line, then you can just go to some other video platform that doesn't have the ubiquity, audience or advertiser base and starve because "private property rights." This is the happy censorious attitude of liberal fascists: "Do as we say and eat or do what you want elsewhere and starve. You're free to choose."