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Party of the Elite: Democrats Are Really Turning Off Middle America

Words pouring from Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz shatter the credibility of a party pretending it is anything but elitist

Most political scientists assign the shocking victory of Donald Trump in 2016 to one primary demographic: working class Americans. That is, average citizens who feel disaffected, disillusioned, and disenchanted by a government of wealthy people who seem obsessed with making rules that apply to us, while exempting themselves. Average citizens who notice that whenever the economy hits hard times, no one in Washington, D.C. ever seems to feel any impact.

The Democrats have talked regularly about wooing back these middle-class Americans, the so-called Rust Belt, all while continuing to pursue an identity politics agenda that turns those very voters off. And even more devastating to their cause, not a single Democrat voted for the massive Republican tax overhaul.

That means as the working class experiences the relief of having the government give them their own money back, as well as the benefits of bonuses and higher wages coming as a result of the tax relief provided to their employers, they will be left asking how and why a single Democrat thought they deserved it.

Of course Democrats will campaign on the idea that the tax overhaul was just a big gift to the rich. That is effective politics when the Republican tax cuts are proposed legislation. It is not effective politics when the Republican tax cuts are policy and having positive effects on people who are not rich. It leaves Democrats and their spokesmen in embarrassing positions where they say things like this:

Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed Thursday that $1,000 bonuses from companies do not go "very far" for middle-class workers… “I'm not sure that $1,000—which is taxed, taxable—goes very far for almost anyone."

First of all, as Aaron Simms points out, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been among those railing against insurance companies that don't provide birth control - a cost that amounts to roughly $600 a year. She has suggested that if it isn't paid for by the government, average people won't be able to afford it. But now $1,000 is just peanuts?

All this is embarrassing for a party that claims to be for the working man. It shatters the credibility of a party that pretends it is anything but elitist. Consider a working-class American who voted for Trump because he feels Washington is out of touch. He’s somewhat turned off by Trump’s lack of restraint, and he has a history of voting Democrat. Then he gets a $1000 bonus from his job to help pay some family debt, that he knows is the direct result of Trump and the Republican Party. He then hears the former head of the DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz scoff at it and suggest he would have been better off without it.

Consider a working-class housewife who voted for Trump because she feels her family is being left behind by the corrupt politicians in D.C. She’s frustrated by Trump’s immoral history and his brash demeanor. Then she finds out her husband is getting a raise at work, and she knows that it is the direct result of Trump and the Republican Party. She then hears the woman Democrats want to take control the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, mock the extra $2.50 an hour her husband brings home as mere “crumbs.”

How do you think those Americans are going to vote? Democrats have lost middle America because they are elitists. And for all their talk about getting them back, it’s becoming apparent they’re too disconnected from reality to even know how.

It's so weird reading news on the internet that is posted above the time-clock but none the less, I'll take my 11$ wage. Lefties tell me with a straight face "That's not a living wage though" and I don't care. When I started in 2015, Walmart didn't pay much. It was 9$ an hour when the Florida minimum was 8.01$. I eventually worked up to 10.20$ and guess what? I was thankful! There's a real dissonance here with people telling me I'm a wage slave and worth so much more. And do you know what one of Charlie Crist's top 3 priorities were when he re-ran for governor? Raising the minimum wage. Then Republicans cut corporate taxes and I get a raise. Funny how that works. Republicans got me a raise, not Democrats.

Dems: "Hey big corporations you no good so and so's we're going to tax the hell out of you and us that money to buy votes. Of course we'll also take our percentage you know for carrying charges and incidentals."

Trump: "Hey big corporations I'm cutting your taxes so you can grow your businesses and provide better for your employees."

This middle class voter got tge trifecta - a raise, $1,000 bonus and another 1% match on the 401k, direct result of the new tax law.

The Democrats lost touch with the common folk and business long ago and the party is now controlled by snobbish tenured (academic and governmental) 'intellectuals' who pontificate on how other should live, exempt themselves, and have no expertise or experience with the real world and real people!

We need voices on the Right to hammer this message home, and tie in the economic aspect of this elitism as wealthy Dems sneer at the sums that most people find significant with other ways it exists. A great example is the way wealthy and connected Hillary Clinton was able to get a pass on multiple violations of multiple laws, as well as putting national security at risk. Most people are held to the law, but wealthy connected elites are not. Most people think raises and bonuses are important, while wealthy connected elites are not. We need to focus on that word "elite" and maybe even refer back to the pampered elites of openly Communist and Socialist countries who had limos and country dachas while the people waited in lines to be able to buy food and toilet paper---when it was available. Mexican elites live like kings, spending weeks in lavish Vail condos and leaving behind thousands of dollars worth of ski equipment, big screen TVs and so on when they go back home because it's too much bother to take it all with them, while ordinary Mexican peasants risk death to flee poverty and hopelessness. Venezuelan elites live well while the people have to brutally beat a cow to death to have something to eat. Yes, we can tie American Democrats to the ugly reality of elitism, but I think we need to expand our view to point out that this is an inevitable result of Leftist ideology.

I can remember a day in 1960 when I went to our mailbox, found a letter with a check for $15, and wept in relief that I had enough money to feed our children until payday. The circumstances that brought us to the point of needing that money were not of our making and nothing that we could have forseen. Fifteen dollars then is the equivalent to around $125 in today's world, so don't tell people like me that $1,000 won't make a HUGE difference to many people.

"wealthy people who seem obsessed with making rules that apply to us, while exempting themselves"??

I guess Heck must be talking about president Donald J. Trump and his cronies.

Make no mistake about it: these folks are making rules that apply to everyone as well. And it is not exactly obvious (to put it mildly!) that their main concern when planning those tax cuts was, "how can we help those poor forgotten salt-of-the-earth white working class voters even if it hurts GOP corporate donors"