P*ssy Hats Crash Into Intersectional Identity Politics

The p*ssy hat, a symbol of the Women's March on Inauguration Day is now banned...wait for it.... by The Women's March.

Apparently we are going to be subjected to a repeat of last year's #ProAbortionAntiSemeticThirdWaveIntersectionalFeminstMarch to commemorate last year's Inaugural Day train wreck. You know, that gathering where Ashley Judd ranted about free bleeding, Madonna told us we really shouldn't bomb the White House and Wendy Davis pondered P*ssy Economics as an actual thing.

You might have called it #Women'sMarch, but I just can't. They excluded women who were pro-life, pro-Israel and pro-other stuff because if you are those things, you aren't really a woman or something. It was a march for far Left Progressive ideas wrapped in the guise of empowering those opposed to the President. I say call it what is is and I think my hashtag is more accurate.

One of the most prominent features of these marches was the pink "p*ssy hat". Intended to represent the female genitalia, while looking a lot more like the ears of an average housecat, somehow wearing it on your head was supposed to send a message. Because ya know, females are just the sum of our body parts which you are absolutely required to vote with if you want in this cool little club.

But wait. Could those hats be offensive to some subset of the far Left coalition? Of course it can in the world of an ideology that puts you in your own special box based on all your fixed identity characteristics and then assigns you victim status based on how some kind of point system. And the Pensacola Women's March organizers knelt at the Intersectional Altar of Potential Offenses and it came to them. So they issued the following pronouncement:

All that pink yarn wasted. All those Millenials who struggled to learn the ancient craft of knit-one-purl-two just to feel empowered. Do not show up in one of those at the Pensacola Women's March you transphobic racist. And this is an idea you MUST get behind if you are a feminist. Thank God they put the trigger warning on there.

Sara Elizabeth is very excited. Oh the inclusivity!

But wait. The hats created camaraderie last year according to Dorie. How do we recreate that?

Alberta isn't buying. This is a movement about choice? Right?

And in reality, this is not really inclusive because.....

Then there's this. I can't even tell whether they support the hat prohibition or not. Maybe you can:

I am almost certain this trend will spread, because the trans box is way more important than the box millions of cisgendered women sit in. How can Women's March L.A., New York and Topeka not be as Progressive as Pensacola? Soon they will all be saying get with the program and recognize your privilege you biological females. You have NO IDEA what these men who chose to be women have had to deal with because of their gender. You MUST think this. GET WITH THE SISTERHOOD!

Ladies, if being mandated to agree that the rights of biological men who feel like they are women somehow need to be prioritized over the needs of actual women, come to the dark side. We have cookies. And freedom of speech and expression. We also let you have a myriad of choices. You can feel flattered by a wolf whistle and laugh at an off color joke. You can chose to be a stay at home mom who homeschools or the 1st female CEO of Hewlett Packard. We might get a little bit prickly if you choose to end the life of an unborn child, but we will also bend over backwards to help you arrange your life so that you don't have to make that choice.

Or you can just sigh, put your little pink hat into a memory box and yearn for a time when you wore it with pride. You can spew the politically correct phrases and ideals that you simply must espouse to be part of a movement that is getting sliced and diced into ever smaller subsets of identity whose finer feeling you must prioritize over your own. Nod and pretend you even understand what Kyle Willa said above. Gee that sounds......awful. Like the worst mean girl clique you ever saw in high school. But carry on, if you must.

I'll be over here. Eating a cookie. Waiting for you to join me.

No. 1-4

I am an avid cat lover and have a black hat with kitty ears cuz I love cats. I found the wearing of the pink kitty hat, something simple and cute, now a symbol of vulgarity by these feminists that turn my stomach. If these women truly want to be taken seriously, they need to start acting like adults instead of children and march for freedom from a bloated government trying to control everything in our lives! But their ignorance and selfishness blinds them from the reality in front of them! They are just kids playing King of the Hill.


The preceding message was brought to you by: "The Author of Confusion"(1Cor. 14:33).


Yesterday's bold fashion statement for smashing the Patriarchy becomes today's hate crime for the same cohort of Leftists. Just proves that no matter how woke these lunatics think they is, they will be insufficiently extreme enough for those even farther to the Left. To try and keep up appearances leads to madness; just look at how Joss Whedon went literally insane after he was pilloried by his fellow SJWs over Avengers: Age of Ultron and suddenly found all his past works, which had been considered pinnacles of feminist empowerment, re-judged and now found "problematic."


This is why this intersectional identity crap will either destroy society or itself and maybe both. I thought we were all supposed to respect one another, but they can't even figure out how to do this themselves without tripping over all the checkboxes!!!