Overconfident Democrats Have Real Problems Heading Into Midterms

Two recent examples may portend disaster for a party choosing to define itself solely on the basis of hating Trump.

I still don’t think there’s any reason to believe that the historical trend of the party out of power gaining seats in midterm elections wouldn’t continue in 2018, but the Democrats are not making it easy on themselves. Given one of the greatest gifts the opposition party could ever hope for – a President (and de-facto leader of the Republican Party) who can’t stop talking and tweeting when he should – the Democrat Party can’t get out of their own way.

That’s why despite a significant overconfidence on the left that the House gavel will again fall into the hands of Nancy Pelosi this November, two recent examples may portend disaster for a party that has chosen to define itself solely on the basis of “We Hate Trump.”

First, the shutdown. Despite a valiant effort by their operatives in mass media and on social media, the attempt of Democrats to blame the stalemate on Trump didn’t work. Further, the optics couldn’t have been worse for liberals: military members were not getting their paychecks because the Democrat Party wouldn’t agree to pay them until illegal immigrants (the Dreamers) were given blanket amnesty.

Keep in mind this isn’t to say that the DACA issue is a loser for the left. Skillfully approached, the Democrats could have used the plight of these productive immigrants who came to the United States illegally through no fault of their own to their electoral advantage. They could have achieved a major policy objective, provided peace of mind to the Dreamers, and demonstrated themselves to be something other than the party of obstruction.

But Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin are running this show. And so instead, they drew an ignorant line in the sand, left the “Dreamers” in limbo, and did their best Anakin Skywalker leap towards Obi-Wan Trump who had the high ground. It ended about as well.

And instead of licking their wounds and taking the L, they just keep digging:

His singular mission? His only goal legislatively and morally is to help non-citizens? Is that the kind of vision and messaging the Democrats think is going to win over Americans?

Meanwhile, CNBC reported the latest large corporation issuing bonuses to employees as a result of the massive Trump tax cuts:

Disney joins the ranks of other major companies like AT&T, American Airlines, Bank of America, Comcast, Fifth Third Bank, JetBlue, Nationwide, PNC Financial, Southwest Airlines, Walmart, and others giving bonuses and raising worker wages after the cuts.

Cuts that not a single Democrat voted for – Not. One.

Again, I understand the Republican Party’s liability with Trump’s lack of verbal discipline. I understand historic trends of the electorate during midterm elections. But anyone overlooking the perception of a party more concerned about illegal immigrants getting amnesty and taking domestic jobs and collecting Social Security dollars than benefitting American working families is not wise.

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Trump's lack of verbal disclipine is what caused the DACA deal to die, and the tax law is what will change your historical predilection about the 2018 midterm elections. You can short all of Trump's abilities all you want, but he is putting the Democrats in their place than Congress has done for decades. That S*hole meeting is what put the Democrats on the defensive. They are broke and in disarray. 2018 will turn out nicely for Republicans.


You've got to wonder how focused on morality and humanity the Democratic party would be if illegals ended up as Republican voters...


Here is the only DACA deal the Republicans should offer. They can stay as Permanent Resident Aliens, with no path to citizenship, if they can prove they were brought here by their parents AND the wall is built.

If the Dems are true to their word, that they only want to ensure the security of those affected, they will accept it.

Their rejection of it will send a clear message to all that they care nothing for them as people and only see them as potential voters.


If you'd have asked last month, it'd be undeniable that Democrats were going to clean up in November but one catastrophe after the other pretty much blew their lead. "Democrats are gonna Democrat" as the kids would say. I asked on my Facebook right after the shutdown ended "Are they trying to lose?"