Ossoff’s Opening Box Office Disappoints

I’m beginning to think that Jon Ossoff thinks he’s in a movie.

In a way, it makes sense. With his puppy dog eyes and those suits that are about half a size too big for his lanky frame, he reminds me of a Can’t Buy Me Love-era Patrick Dempsey trying to figure his way out of some crazy scheme that was never supposed to get this far, but now that it has he’s just decided to go with it. Then there’s the big budget–$8 million and counting so far–and even though the production was supposed to wrap by last night, all the campiagn has to show for it is a couple of commercial spots and a Star Wars blooper reel. On top of all that, Ossoff’s day job has him making documentary films. Is it any wonder that’s he’s playing the GA6 congressional race the way he is?