Oof Canada!

"O Canada" will now be gender-neutral. Canada changes one line of national anthem, but why stop there? Sarcasm Ahead!

Canada’s Parliament just voted to make its national anthem, “O Canada”, gender-neutral by changing the lyrics from “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command”. The bill has been under debate for some time and just passed their Senate on Wednesday, having previously passed their House of Commons back in 2016. After the Parliamentary procedures conclude, it will become law and change their national anthem to conform to modern Leftist culture.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was thrilled, just as you would expect from a “woke”, sheltered politician, who rose to power on the back of his family name and legacy. (The Trudeaus are basically Canada’s Kennedys.)

He calls it “another positive step towards gender equality.” Not surprisingly, this comes from the guy who dressed his son up in a pink dress for Halloween.

But is it really a step towards equality, Justin? Is it really? Are you really as down for the struggle as you claim?

If Trudeau continues to claim his concern for cleansing Canada’s national anthem of bigotry, then the liberals up north have a lot of work to do. They can’t stop at “in all thy sons command”. Let’s take a look at the rest of O Canada’s lyrics and diagnose just how bigoted the “enlightened” Canadians are. Let’s run the rest of the words through the “woke-alyzer” to understand how out of touch from true enlightenment Justin Trudeau and his bigoted friends really are.


O Canada

Our home and native land

We’ll start here. First off, O Canada! Canada?! Who the heck are they to call that land Canada? That’s a name given by the European
patriarchy. It’s not the name that the original, native inhabitants used for their territory that was stolen by those monsters. That name has to go!

And that brings us to that second line – “our home and native land”. “Home”… “native land”. That’s not your land. You’re not native to it. How can you claim any birthright there? All Canadian private property needs to be repatriated back to its indigenous, rightful owners, so those words need to be changed too!

True patriot love in all thy sons command.

“Patriot” is a jingoist, hegemonic term used by xenophobes to
excuse their crimes against humanity. This idea of love for one’s own country is disturbing, because we’re all
citizens of the world, not one nation. How isolationist!

We’ve seen them change “all thy sons” to “all of us”, but even
that implies a forced collective that is an artificial construct that attempts
to unite people around a false concept of pride in an arbitrary piece of land
with arbitrary boundaries, drawn up centuries ago. So that whole line needs to go.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise
Again, a capitalist concept of nationalist fervor that only serves to oppress the working man and keep all workers across the globe from uniting as one to throw off their bourgeois oppressors.

The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
Strong? Free? More nationalism… AGAIN! No one will ever be free as long as the proletariat are held down. Strength only comes when people become “woke” to the realities of this unfair system that rigs the world against the minorities, marginalized, and oppressed.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
Stand on guard? How militaristic! I thought “Canada” was a peaceful, friendly country. Why do they need a military? To kill innocent people around the world? To oppress poor, underprivileged nations to steal their resources? These are offensive concepts that also must be removed.

God keep our land glorious and free!
God!!!! Arghhhhh!!! This anthem mentions God. Opiate of the people!

Burn it down, comrades! Burn it all down now!

Perhaps worst of all, this song was written in English andFrench. Why English and French? How Euro-centric! Why am I not surprised?

As you can clearly see, this entire song is beyond salvaging. If Canada’s Leftists really care as much as they claim, they’ll scrap the whole thing and start over. This fiddling around the edges has to stop. Wholesale change now! No Justice! No Peace!

No. 1-5

As usual for feminazi bigotry, far from being "equality" this is merely typically hypocritical misandrist (the male version of misogynist for the many too illiterate in their useful idiocy to know what it means) intolerance whereby psychotic feminazis neuter and silence men and get away with it with the bigoted help of lap dog "males" like Trudeau and his pink boy already neutered (certainly not being real men or even knowing what a real man is). They've long been doing the same kind of bigoted useful idiocy with the Bible, God's Word, where they strenuously, corruptly champion masculine muting while hypocritically careful not to do so with the feminine, regardless of what the ORIGINAL actually SAYS, invidiously corrupt mistranslation no legitimate scholar would tolerate, proving the useful idiocy worthlessly fraudulent deserving unemployment if the truth were known instead of being diabolically suppressed in demonic harlotry.


Isnt it the case that just about every ethnic group residing in a place take possession by kicking the prior residents out? Didn’t the “native americas” come from Asia? Weren’t the angles and saxons, etc pushed westward by the mongol hordes? Didn’t homo sapiens “replace” neanderthals? Didn’t our species originate in Africa?


Since the Europeans, who over-ran the land we presently call Canada, are still there, and are keeping it from the natives, they should be considering mass suicide to return what was wrested from the aboriginals. Hey, it's the only fair way you stupid libs.


The problem is they'll probably make the changes in the end.


Bahahaha ! Well done !