Only in today's Thugocrat Party could a blustering wannabe bully-boy like Cory Booker even entertain the possibility of rising to its top.

But in a party in which the top of the hierarchy are all implicated in serious crimes against the nation---that is, its former candidate for the presidency and all in government who knowingly conspired with her to use an illegal email server and therefore not only violate US law but make our nation's most confidential communications open to whoever wanted to listen in----he's in good company.

Others accepted and even celebrated by the party include a man who loves Russia and Leftist governance so much he honeymooned in Russia and proudly proclaims himself a Socialist, a mediocre academic who only rose to her level of success by falsely claiming Native American heritage and playing the minority cards of gender and pretended heritage and the head of the party who hired an unvetted foreign national and turned over, to him and his extended family, all of the digital information of the party and most of the Democrat members of the House of Representatives and retained him in that position even after objections from the intelligence community and learning he was a criminal.

Only in a party which has so eagerly embraced the worst tactics of the Radical Left----mobs, riots, intimidation efforts, harassment and victimization of political opponents and outright violence----could someone like Cory Booker be considered a member of the club.

No. 1-1

Over the course of my adult life I have voted for candidates from half a dozen different political parties, and have actively campaigned for both Republicans and Democrats. I used to believe that no one party always had the right answers, or the best candidates.

In a way, I still believe that. Republicans make mistakes, and get some issues totally wrong. But the Democrats have become increasingly frightening -- the party of lies, oversimplification, propaganda, and forced conformity. I also believe that the Democrats are generally much better at day-to-day "politics" than the Republicans. They are better at slogans, at controlling the general conversation, and at successfully re-writing history.

I have noticed that in my region, at least, Democrats push for early voting -- which is a way to ensure that voters have as little information as possible. If the voters are intelligent, thoughtful, and have honest information, Republicans will always win. The party leadership needs to learn that. We do not need slogans or spin. Truth is on the side of Republicans.