One Singer Veers Right

Singer Joy Villa uses the red carpet to make a different kind of political statement.

With the incredible amount of pressure to be "politically correct" in the entertainment business, we not only need to recognize when a celebrity hold fast to their principles. We should celebrate when they stand up for what they believe in at the risk of being shunned.

For the second year in a row, Joy Villa used the red carpet to make her political beliefs known. Last year she wore a "Make America Great Again" dress to the Grammys causing waves and backlash. This year she proudly wore her pro-life stance on her dress and her evening bag. Make no mistake about it, for Joy, this is personal. She shared her story with Maria Bartiromo.

Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, Joy chose life and gave her daughter up for adoption. And when she explains the image on her dress, it makes the idea of it even more beautiful.

In a world where Taylor Swift is still being disabused for not being on Team Hillary in 2016 and openly Republican or Conservative performers often have their careers limited if not already sufficient power house within the industry, Joy is a breath of fresh air. At 31 with far less name recognition than her peers Taylor and Kay, she is telling her story, her way.

So celebrate Joy, her message and her courage. It almost makes up for that horrid loop of Hillary reading aloud from "Fire and Fury". I said almost. Then go out to YouTube and listen to a song or two from this beautiful woman with a beautiful voice.

Maybe I am just a skeptic, but it is also important to note that she was a Bernie Sanders supporter in 2016 before donning the Trump dress. I sincerely hope that she is pro-life, and if so, her use of the dress in an excellent move. No one can question her guts to buck the acceptable positions in Hollywood. I would question how she can be a member of the Church of Scientology and still be pro-life. That is a cult that is a well known customer of abortion services.

I recognize the inconsistencies. However a lot of Bernie folks moved to Trump. They had some similar populist themes on healthcare & the economy. Her pro-life story seems sincere & I will stand next to someone I disagree with on a multitude of other topics to advocate for the unborn.

I hope that I am wrong, but it seems just like a PR stunt to me to bring attention to herself and her career. It is kind of like being an average looking woman on an island full of uglies. The standard is going to be reset. There are so few people in entertainment that are willing to publicly veer out of the left lane, that we gobble up anything and anyone that will give us the slightest look of anything other than disgust. We see examples of this all the time. The right elevates anyone in entertainment that offers the slightest nod to any of our issues. The problem isn't that we give them credit, it is that we build them into heros. We see it with whiz kids, that end up being liberal within a couple of years. We see it with people like Tomi Lahren, with her "my truth". To a large degree people have done this with Trump.

My real point is that we need to exercise caution. Praise the action, but let's stop there until a person has built up a long solid track record. What often happens is that we take these people and immediately put them into hero status. Often then they either don't believe what we thought they did, or it is so disjointed that we would be better off if they never were a "spokesman". Given her personal story, I hope that she can maintain a respectable conversation on this issue. Often times it blows up in our face. We are so hungry for someone to advocate for our issues in entertainment, that we latch onto people that we spend zero time vetting as our heroes, which ends up setting us back further.

She gave up her baby girl for adoption. I am not sure there is a more honest expression of pro-life beliefs. She chose life.

I will stand with anyone on the issue too. I think the important point is to stand with them and not elevate them to hero status, until we have properly vetting them and they have some seasoning on the issue. As to Bernie and Trump, there really aren't any similarities except to people who are very disconnected from the details and only process 10 second sound bites. That is unless you are going to go back to liberal Donald Trump that was going to have healthcare for everyone and "the government's gonna pay for it". You can get there, but you have to ignore the entire campaign of Trump to do it. The economic similarities are very slim too. Both talk about helping average people (what politician doesn't?), but they advocated completely different policies for the most part. Anyone that could switch from Bernie to Trump in a matter of months, has to very politically illiterate. Which is fine, as most Americans are. However, if you are going to support someone enough to don their campaign attire to the Grammy's, I would expect a little more political knowledge.

… well yes, certainly a gutsy move in this day and age, and though I support her position, I just wish ALL celebrities would keep their political opinions to themselves. As long as you are in “show business”, why limit your audience perhaps by as much as 50% by even going political, “correct” or not.