Once Again Everything but Socialism is to Blame for Socialism's Failures

Socialism is never to blame for the results of socialism--it's always something else.

Have you kept up on the tragic, unnecessary, and deteriorating situation for the poor people of Venezuela? There’s a lot…

With their presidential election coming up on May 20, John Oliver decided to bring it to his audience’s attention this week. He talked about the weight people have lost due to starvation because of food shortages (now dubbed “The Maduro Diet” after their president, Nicolas Maduro). He covered their insane rate of inflation (the IMF predicts 13,000% this year(!) if such a number even makes sense to you) after the economy slowed and the government printed a massive amount of currency (glad we haven’t been doing that…). He pointed out Maduro’s sweeping consolidation of power when the president, essentially, brought in a new legislative body filled with his lackeys which are re-writing their constitution as we speak and will unveil it—after the election.