OMG They Are Gonna Make Me Do It

Michelle Obama's take on empowerment is radically wrong. But it fits her radical agenda and sets us up for Kamala 2020.

I voted for who I wanted to in the 2016 Presidential election. It just so happened, neither one of the major party candidates was that person. After a lifetime of exposure to the GOP nominee and the Democratic nominee, there was enough sleaze and questionable ethics on both sides to turn my stomach.

I would not change the way I voted and have done my best to remain positive and objective in my assessment of the current administration. Some days I am pleasantly surprised and others I want to bang my head on a desk, but that is the lot for those of us who do not belong to the cult of personality.

But I swear, the talking heads in the Progressive movement are going to make me vote for Donald Trump in 2020. I may be able to swallow that pill if the Left's leading women do not stop speaking down to me, blaming me and telling me I am somehow not an empowered individual. The latest, Michelle Obama over the weekend:

So now Hillary lost because women are too hard on one another and suspicious of one another? I'm not supposed to be suspicious of a woman who testified she didn't understand the system for classified information, wiped her server "with a cloth" and took a hammer to old government issue cellphones, just because we both wear a bra?

I was not supposed to question a woman who seemingly used the power of her office to enrich herself through a shoddy foundation and stood by during my my entire young adult life while her political machine ruined the lives of the women her husband sexually abused because we should both see a gynecologist annually?

I was supposed to vote for a woman whose political ideology is the anthesis of everything I believe in from her stance on abortion to her thoughts on spending and socialized medicine because we are both more likely to develop thyroid issues?

As an educated, thinking and very empowered woman, this idea of "girl power" where you aren't in the sisterhood unless you vote for the sisterhood is insane. Hi Michelle, it's the ideology silly. And the character. And the blatant hypocrisy.

If I am to be quite frank I have been empowered more by the men in my life than the entirety of the Regressive Far Left Feminist Cabal put together. My father told me I could be anything I wanted to be and he and my mother gave me the tools and resources to do just that. My husband let's me be exactly who I am and may challenge my ideas, but does not discount them.

In college some of my best mentors and biggest proponents were my male professors in my business curriculum. My male bosses and colleagues mentored me, challenged me and promoted me when I did well. They set a high bar and if I met it I was rewarded every bit as well as my male counterparts.

The only thing that Michelle said that I agree with is that as women hold each to some ridiculous standards. Or I at least agree the Cabal does. In order to be included I would need to do things like:

  • Advocate for the killing of the unborn
  • Agree that U.S. college campuses have the same frequency of rape as countries like the Congo
  • Believe it is possible to feel assaulted by an unwanted advance or a dirty joke
  • Believe in some theory of intersectionality that makes no sense
  • Be okay with anti-semitic thought leaders like Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory
  • Vote based on my gender
  • And 1,000 other things that the mob will descend on you for with the slightest deviation from P.C.conformity

Somehow it seems far less empowering to be a member of the Cabal. You will conform to the written and unwritten rules or be cast out. Or browbeaten and personally attacked as something less than a woman and worthy of scorn. See: Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

But make no mistake about the intent and the narrative here. It is all to ensure those women who did not line up behind the Empress of Chappaqua question our membership in the tribe and our motives before Kamala 2020. Or Warren2020. Maybe Gillebrand 2020. Don't think for a second it's not.

Lucky for me that is not a tribe I want to be a part of. Really can't be as I am already guilty of 'wrongthink'. And because I am empowered to pull any lever I want at the ballot box, I may be able to live with voting to beat the Socialist Feminist Cabal rather than for a candidate I truly admire. And more lectures like Michelle's will make it that much easier.

It's terrible that these people speak down to you. That must make you feel awful.

My neighbors have a son in the Marines and they are afraid he's going to be sent to Iran in the war that Trump is going to start there, and he's going to die in that war. I'm betting they'd trade with your snowflake feelings any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I had no idea Ms. Obama made this speech but then again I don't go out of my way to look for things like this. Likewise I haven't been on a college campus since... college. Like most Americans I don't write in blogs and magazines and I'm not on TV so I don't feel like my speech is under attack by anybody and I say whatever I want whenever I want.

In other words, popping yourself out of your bubble now and then couldn't hurt...

And... I am sure their son would see it as his duty and job, just as I did in Desert Storm. I am also sure my parents were afraid to let me go, but my father gave me a hug on the way out the door and was nothing but proud of his son on my return.

Don't speak for the men and women in uniform until you put on their boots!


I'm sure the coming war in Iran is a thousand times more important to real people than this author's hurt feelings over what she thinks Ms. Obama is telling her to do.

Meh. Ignore those people, Stacy.
As hard as I fought against Trump's nomination - if the left doesn't shut up and start behaving like civilized, rational people I may well vote for Trump's re-election as well.
Like you, I feel like they are making me do it.
They keep projecting their own hurt feelings onto the rest of us and pretend it is pity and not outrage that their constant abuse produces.
I'd say "They just don't get it." But that implies they ever made the effort to understand.
We get it and agree.


This is all starting to sound like a warm up for Hillary running again. Wouldn't surprise me. For years, I've said that the Clintons get what they want. And what they want is for Hillary to be president. As far as they are concerned, she's been robbed of that prize, and that simply won't do.


The demands for purity on the left are exhausting, no doubt, but I don't think it justifies burning the house down.

Your neighbor's son volunteered and was not drafted. Did your son think he was going to have to go to North Korea too just a few weeks ago?

It's almost as if you're wishing for Obama and Hillary's leading from behind/ accommodation instead of Trump's peace through strength.

Well, I'll leave you with the greatest POTUS of the 20th Century's words:

Every lesson of history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement and this is the Specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face that their policy of accommodation is appeasement.



I have a feeling Winston was saying the same asinine thing just a few weeks ago about starting a war with North Korea.

Please go learn and study Reagan's peace through strength.

Then go study Obama and Hillary's leading from behind.

Then study the fact that Trump has returned Reagan's peace through strength.

You and your neighbors will sleep better once you do the above.


But... it won’t be real for you either will it? We’ve been at war now for 17 years and by and large, we the people haven’t lifted a finger in sacrifice for it. We just criticize it or blindly defend its continuation.

That said, it is CLEAR that the Iran deal wasn’t stopping Iran from spending billions on war and invading Both Iraq and Syria. In fact, it’s also clear that while Bush might have help fan a small trash can fire into a building fire, it was Obama’s who threw gas on it and spread it from Iraq and Afghanistan to Iran, Libya, Egypt and Syria.

Obama also ILLEGALLY signed the treaty with iran in he first place when he failed to get it ratified by the Senate. And the only countries that want that agreement are the ones not in the region. Those in the Middle East are terrified by the agreement because they understand that it has always been a joke.

So, Blame Bush, Blame Obama, Blame Bin Laden and Blame Iran, but the current “moron in chief” isn’t the cause of any war with Iran. To blame him is to admit you’re just another moron in the system.


Ah, Stacy, aren't we SO glad now that more people didn't throw their votes away? Look at what we have gotten and what we would have gotten. There but for the grace of God.... I've challenged several of you Erickites to prove to me the Biblical pedestal upon which you continue to stand. These issues (Stormy & other sexstuff) was more than a decade ago, not under the Oval Office desk. Trump has obviously changed in multiple ways (frustratingly, not in a couple others...). He's no more a philanderer than our "perfect" POTUS - Reagan. He's also living daily with strong Christians around him - Pence & Carson come immediately to mind. & all the things directed towards Christians... How do you know, what do you have to be the one to judge that he's not either now or on his way to a being a confessing Christian? Then, too, the Bible tells me that God is the one who chooses those in authority. Are you guys saying that God was wrong? Sorry, but I was far more interested in hiring someone that would try to take on the Swamp than someone that I KNEW was farther left than Obama and was actively working to push us down the hill to socialism & the destruction of America... We weren't hiring a pastor, a date for my daughter or an ethics professor...

How would anything Michelle Obama said change anything about Donald Trump? I'll never vote Democrat - I think I'd spontaneously combust if I did - but I'll never vote for Trump either, and will only back GOP candidates thereafter VERY selectively.


I am not sure I can stand idly by and be okay with President Harris. You think Obama was bad?
I may actually end up voting against someone rather than for someone.

Hey BiggDoggie, My objection was to his economic polices. I am still not a fan of tariffs. I hope they don't offset the gains of the tax cuts especially in ag and manufacturing. Lots of spending in his rhetoric too. As David Limbaugh wrote today, his actual achievements have been far from the populist, nationalist tone of his campaign and this great. I would not have changed my vote at the time & I don't think you will see a single religious justification on my Twitter timeline.