No, North Korea is Never Giving Up Its Nukes—Trump or No Trump.

The nuclear football gets teed up for us yet again. But things will be totally different with this president, right?

If you think North Korea is going to give up its nuclear weapons, I’ve got some land near Mar-a-Lago to sell you. I get…

Look, NK did not dedicate over 20 years of resources to acquiring a nuclear arsenal just so they can let them go as soon as a US president notices them at the dance. The goals of their program have always been twofold: 1) yes, extortion...that’s their M.O.; but also, 2) a secure deterrent against another war with the US. They finally have it, and it’s been working--that’s why we haven’t acted against them militarily in the past decade-and-a-half, despite our willingness to intervene in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, et al. For 2nd Amendment advocates out there, if you have guns in your home for defense of your family, what would it take for you to hand them over? Why on Earth would the Kim regime relinquish its one effective trump card (pun resented)?