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No #MeToo For Monica

Lewinsky gets bumped from an event honoring celebrities who help others. For Bill Clinton.

Town & Country recently held what it billed as the Philanthopy Summit, a gathering of famous movers and shakers at the iconic Hearst Tower in Midtown Manhattan. The event highlighted the maganize’s annual philanthropy issue, in which it pays tribute to the rich and famous who use their time and talents to improve the condition of their fellow man. The guest list included lots of familiar names, crossing the gamut of art and film all the way over to captains of industry. Among those people, interestingly enough, was Monica Lewinsky, who has spent the last several years on a crusade against bullying. Lewinsky has made an earnest effort to use her own experiences—and the infamy that came with them—as a force for good, trying to help others who feel trapped and helpless because of cruel, personal attacks, both online and in the real world.

It’s a noble cause, to be sure—one that attracted the attention of Hearst Communications, Town & Country’s publisher, which resulted in an invitation to the event that Lewinsky eagerly accepted. Things changed, however, when there was a last-minute shuffle in the guest list—and just like that, Lewinsky was out. Thanks but no thanks, dearie! We got a better offer. I’m sure you understand!

The New York Post tells the sorry tale:

Monica Lewinsky was invited to a Town & Country magazine event — then uninvited after former President Bill Clinton joined the lineup.

She was bumped from the lifestyle mag’s annual Philanthropy Summit Wednesday after Clinton came on board to introduce teen gun control activist Emma Gonzalez.

Now, having Gonzales and Clinton in the same room together for me sounds like a total buzzkill, so getting the kiss-off from that bunch wouldn’t be what I call a big loss. But to rescind an invitation like that is beyond rude, even for the New York social set. Lewinsky thought so too, and wasn’t shy about calling Hearst out on their bad behavior:

Anticipating their offer of a consolation prize, she added:

Good for you, Monica. Glad to see you standing up for yourself. You made your share of mistakes, but you didn’t deserve what happened to you back then—and you don’t deserve to be treated like this now.

Sadly, though, this is yet another example of the left failing to live up to its lofty ideals. They claim to be all about supporting women—but when it comes to powerful, supposedly liberal men who advance the political cause, the left will dump the women these men victimize in a heartbeat. It didn’t start with Bill Clinton (remember Chappaquiddik?), and it sure didn’t end there (witness all the people who covered for Eric Schneiderman‘s reign of terror). But with Hearst’s inexcusable diss of Monica Lewinsky, of one thing we can be absolutely certain.

Women better beware, because #MeToo doesn’t necessarily apply.

Predators like Clinton use, abuse, and throw away young women like Lewinsky. Just before this all broke about Clinton and Lewinsky in the Oval Office, he came to where I lived to speak. My company required me to attend the speech and sit in reserved seating by the stage. Clinton came out early and alone. The place was filled with 10,000 cheering Democrats, but he ignored all that love and zeroed in on me because I had not come to worship him, and walked right up to where I was sitting. A staring contest commenced. He finally bit his lip, narrowed his eyes, nodded at me, and looked away first. The whole place saw the exchange of glares, and many later asked what was going on between me and the President. A man with him that day, whom Clinton praised, was well known for making lewd remarks and advances toward women. When the GOP took the House in '94, I warned young Republican female staffers to pass on the elevator if the doors opened and that Senator was in the elevator, lest they be groped. I wish Monica well, as well as all of the naive young women who went to Washington to serve and got more than they bargained for.

That's a heck of a story! Thanks for sharing it.


Wait--what Senator, Reaganite?

Fascinating story Reaganite! The first I paid attention to Clinton back in the late 1980s I began to hear stories of his bad behavior including from a few women who personally had to fend off his unwanted, very aggressive advances. It certainly was no secret. While this was far from rare bad behavior from politicians in those days, Clinton was recognized, long before it surfaced in media, as the absolute worst.

"I feel your pain"!!!

Well, these guys sure showed their true colors! Clinton turned them down, he should have been told too bad, too late.

Interestingly, in common usage the # is usually referred to as "pound".

So, what did the liberals choose as the moniker for the sexual harassment and abuse???

#MeToo = Pound Me Too!

You can't make this stuff up!! These people are stupid!