Next: The Resistance Over Kavanaugh Will Get Violent

Bussing in protestors, the Resistance is prepared to get violent over Kavanaugh. It's the next step.

Under the cover of a group of Yale Law School protestors who traveled to Capitol Hill to protest their own alumnus' confirmation to the Supreme Court (shame on them!), Democrat activists are quietly busing in more unsavory types who are prepared to make some violence before the cameras.

On Sunday night, MoveOn's troops began "training" for the next phase in the Resistance to Kavanaugh. Prepare yourself for some staged limo torching, broken windows, and Antifa tactics.

When the left runs out of actual arguments, they resort to lies. When lies stop working, they resort to violence.

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As we know from Veritas under cover videos, the Clinton Campaign hired a company to pay people to disrupt and commit violence at Trump rallies. They gleefully bragged about how they sent people in pro trump décor and others in plain clothes to cause fights at Trump rallies. So now we see the Dems setting up for acts of violence. It' not like we haven't seen the left get violent over and over again. Tea Party protests had exactly ZERO people arrested, unlike the left which seems to pride itself on going to jail.

Robert   Moore
Robert Moore

Oh brother.

Still Jules
Still Jules

FYI, Steve Berman, "bussing" means "kissing".

When people are transported by bus, they are "bused". On "buses".

Still Jules
Still Jules

This is the lesson we have to learn from the Left---it is a violent movement, dependent on intimidation and harassment and violence. This is its ugly, sordid history, this is its pattern and this is its methodology.

I think there are millions of decent honorable people who have been gulled into voting Dem because of the promises and platitudes on one hand and the demonization of the opposition on the other, who still are not as rabid, as radical, as depraved as the base.

Now is the time for Republicans to not only stand up and confirm Kavanaugh but to push back hard and start a massive media campaign pointing out the difference between the way the Right does things and the way the Left does.

Look at the faces of the Left---contorted, distorted, faces of absolute rage and fury literally howling for blood, mobs in the streets threatening violence, overt efforts (including from some members of Congress) to overthrow a duly elected president, and a barrage of lies and smears. On the Right we have a man with a reputation so spotless that SIX prior FBI investigations showed absolutely nothing negative about him, a man to whom people from his past flock in droves to defend and praise him, a man with an impeccable record of public service and allegiance to the Constitution, who has handled this vicious attack on his character with dignity and strength. The contrast in decency and dignity and honor between Left and Right is stark, and getting more so every hour.

Now is when we should be running TV spots showing howling mobs in the street, vigilantes demanding rejection of every principle of fairness and justice, the efforts to subvert our Constitution, undermine our electoral process and even topple a sitting president. This IS the Democrat Party of 2018, and we should be showing the contrast between it and the party of law and justice and fairness and dignity.

The Left has been trying to portray 63,000,000 Americans as morally corrupt because they voted for a man whose history was distasteful, trying to smear half of America with the disinterred remnants of a long-ago past . They have been saying the old behavior of Donald Trump defines those who voted for him and support him, even though there is ample evidence that he no longer engages in that kind of behavior and not one person I know or have heard of ever defended that old behavior.

But now we are in the position of talking directly to Democrats, pointing at what they can see RIGHT NOW, right in front of them on their TVs. Even those inclined to at least give these women the benefit of the doubt should be reminded that this is a nation of laws and orderly process, not a nation of mob rule, and that no one should ever be crucified on the basis of a couple of politically motivated unsubstantiated claims coming 35 years or so after the fact. Now is when we should be running video of these riots and screeching demands for vigilante "justice" and coming right out and telling people that voting for a Democrat, ANY Democrat, is voting for this kind of mob rule of our nation, for a rejection of every founding principle this nation has been built upon.

One of our problems is that we simply do not have a charismatic appealing spokesperson. Having a mumble-mouth like Mitch McConnell saying things like this isn't going to make much of an impact.


Lets see if a FBI investigation is called on Booker since he admitted to sexual assault when he was 15. I know he said that he stopped after getting a feel, but what does the victim have to say? Did he really stop there? The FBI must look into this as he has very ambitious goals going forward.