Newt Gingrich Has Lost His Mind on Mueller

I remember when Newt Gingrich was an intellectual. I remember when he could answer questions about a balanced budget, Republican principles, and good governance without drooling all over his bib. No more.

Karl Rove penned a WSJ piece (Rove being the most cursed man in Washington since Sidney Blumenthal was warded off by an electoral garland of garlic) lamenting that bullets fired by the recipients of self-inflicted wounds do not respect anatomy. In other words: Trump’s single-handed summoning of Robert Mueller brings with it certain realities such as Mueller can pursue whatever investigation he pleases.

In response to this, Gingrich went all Pavlov’s dog at the thought his Master, President Trump, might be under investigation.

He tweeted “Muller is clearly the tip of the deep state spear aimed at destroying or at a minimum undermining and crippling the Trump presidency,” and “Mueller is setting up a dragnet of obstruction, financial questions and every aspect of Trump’s life and his associates [sic] lives, very dangerous.”

This from the man who tweeted just last month…

and who, during the Bill Clinton administration, stood shoulder to shoulder with special investigator Ken Starr, as he pursued “a dragnet of obstruction, financial questions and every aspect” of Clinton’s life and his associates’. It just wasn’t dangerous then, apparently.

From 1998 (thank you to the Washington Post for conveniently compiling this).

“I think the president should bring all of his staff into a room and say, ‘No more spinning. No more fun and games. No more vicious attacks. Why don’t we slow down and tell the truth and let the American people know what happened and let the chips fall where they may.”

Or just possibly, Gingrich may be spinning like a jet engine at full thrust.

As a counterpoint based in reality, here’s what Steve Deace tweeted about Mueller, and any effort to convince Trump to fire him (arguably the dumbest idea since Marie Antoinette said something about cake). I encourage you to read the whole thing; it’s that good.

I think Gingrich really needs to settle down with a Diazepam or two and “let the chips fall where they may.” If Trump is truly not guilty of anything (and I believe he isn’t guilty of anything except self-inflicted wounds) then things will work out.

Carrying water for Trump is an exercise in self-defeat. Gingrich has more talent than this, and he should also have more discipline. Or maybe he’s just lost his mind.