New York Times Demonstrates Again Why People Hate Them

It's not Trump hurting the media. It's them doing things like this. They are the reason no one takes them seriously.

It hasnt been long since NBCs Chuck Todd called for the mainstream press to fight back against President Donald Trumps assault on the free press a call that generated a lot of eyerolls across the fruited plain. The eyerolls werent due to a lack of appreciation for the vital role a free press has in a democratic republic. No, the dismissive attitude taken by most Americans to Todds theatrical battle cry is the result of realizing that Chuck and his colleagues have no one to blame for their plight but themselves.

As I have written previously,

> I dont know how this terrible trend of media recklessness and public distrust can be reversed. Maybe a total purge of newsrooms and media boardrooms is all that will do it. But those that have let it get this bad should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Were all worse off because of the mockery theyve made of their work.

Of course, that purge hasnt happened. And as a result, we continue to be treated to pathetic, credibility-destroying, leftwing hackery gracing the pages of what people like Chuck Todd want so desperately for people to take seriously.

Here was the headline from the New York Times:

> Nikki Haleys View of New York is Priceless. Her Curtains? $52,701.

Its a headline that screams political wastefulness and lavish excess at taxpayer expense. And recognizing that 90-some percent of readers will only take in the headline and maybe the first paragraph, the New York Times waits until paragraph SIX to acknowledge:

> A spokesman for Ms. Haley said plans to buy the curtains were made in 2016, during the Obama administration. Ms. Haley had no say in the purchase, he said.

So Team Obama buys $52,701 curtains, the New York Times knows that such a purchase is excessive and will be seen as frivolous and wasteful by the public, so they run a headline that blames the buy on a rising Republican woman.

So again, let this be a simple pro tip for all those mainstream media types climbing up on their cross to lament how President Trumps relentless attacks on them is hurting their credibility:

Its not Trump, its you.

You are the reason no one takes you seriously.

You are the reason people see you as less trustworthy than the politicians you cover.

You bring this on yourself by doing things like this.

No. 1-10

Embrace the bias.

CB Luce
CB Luce

Peter's words: "I dont know how this terrible trend of media recklessness and public distrust can be reversed." The solution is simple!!! Journalist Majors must take Ethic, etc. courses. In college a widely held opinion is if a student can not handle the difficult curriculum, etc. they can always become a journalist. Spell check and grammar check software will get a diploma and job for a journalist graduate.


One could probably find more factual news in The National Enquirer. BTW, Fox News is not a Publisher of Journalistic news. They could be contrasted to CNN or MSNBC which also does not publish journalistic news.


As the old joke goes and now updated,

God calls in 3 editors: one from the WSJ, one from USA Today, and one from the NYT. He tells them that He is fed up with man as a whole and that He is going to destroy the world in 2 days. The next morning's headlines from the respective newspapers read: WSJ - "God to Destroy World in 2 Days; Fed Expected to Tighten Rates." USA Today - "God to Earth; Drop Dead!" and the NYT - "God to Destroy Earth in 2 Days; Trump Faulted ".

Thomas Swander
Thomas Swander

Proof, Mr. Moore? You know what John Adams said, right? "Facts are stubborn things".

This more drivel from Trump haters.