New DNC Chair Perez Talks Trump, GOP In Uplifting Speech

In Newark, not too far from the Jersey Shore where Snooki and the Situation spawned their reality television careers and went on to change the world, something amazing happened.

That’s where Tom Perez, the Democrat National Committee’s newest chairman (and longtime member of the Hair Club for Men), gave a barn burner of a speech to the Working Families Alliance. In it, he acknowledged that the election of 2016 had been a tough loss for Democrats–but in that loss, there was also an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and use those lessons to rebuild the party based on ideas and vision. “No longer can we allow petty divisions and partisan bickering to distract us from the real issues that face us all as Americans,” he said in an impassioned plea. “All of us only want what’s best for our families–and even though we may differ from Republicans on how to get there, I promise you that under my steady hand, we will bridge those differences and find a way together!”