Nation's Largest Catholic University Holds Forum to Promote Polyamory

DePaul University recently hosted the forum for "open dialogue" for those with an aversion to monogamy.

Speaking of slippery slopes…

Ok, first things first: DePaul University is the largest Catholic university in the nation.

Secondly, they have an LGBTQA Resource Center.

While you let your brain marinate over the notion of a Catholic university allowing space for that which God calls an abomination, hold on to your hats for this bit of blasphemy.

The LGBTQA Resource Center recently hosted an “informational” forum on polyamory.

A flyer for the “Polyamory Pause” event described the event as “a dialogue on open relationships and polyamory.”

The event sought to “dig past the surface conversation surrounding polyamory and open relationships” and examine “the ways soisl [sic] identity impact the conversations and the embodiment of open and polyamous [sic] relationships.”

So, they need a forum to discuss the most base ugliness, but not to decry that ugliness. No, they want to form a pep club for people with the morals of alley cats.

The so-called sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s was just the beginning, setting off a chain reaction of sexual sin and the consequences that come as a result.

Sexually transmitted diseases, out-of-wedlock births, and a growing welfare nation are the legacy of the “If it feels good, do it” age.

Romans 1:24-27 speaks of people abandoning God and His way, and God abandoning them to their shameful desires. As a result, they suffered, even taking into their own bodies the penalty for their sins.

You know, like the aforementioned STDs.

With that in mind, I have to wonder how there’s an LGBTQA Resource Center, hosting a polyamory forum at a Catholic college, and if anyone is hosting a forum on Romans 1.

I’m going to guess the answer is “no.”

Meanwhile, these are the eager minds being molded in the forum:

“I never liked relationships or wanted to be in one really because I felt like they had to be monogamous, that's just what I knew, that's what everyone around me experienced, that's what I, like, felt, and I just knew that I didn’t wanna deal with. All the expectations that come with that, all the baggage. I feel like this is a more natural way,” one participant explained.

“I was never super into marriage, either,” the student added. “Like, I can't make up my mind what I want to eat at Chipotle, like, how am I supposed to commit to one person, right?”

She/he sounds stable and mature, right?

There’s more.

“When I was younger, I never had a vision of being with one person forever,” another student remarked. “Right now I am in a relationship that is monogamous for like, compulsory monogamy reasons, but I think that we both know and talk about it that I think I see that changing.”

“We love each other; we say we love each other,” one participant said, but added that they still receive “judgement from people that I don't love my partner” because the relationship is not monogamous.

That’s because you don’t love your partner. Nothing about what was said there indicates love. You’re in a relationship for compulsory reasons – as in they can’t find anyone else, at the moment. You are not thinking about the other person more than your own desires.

That is not love. That is selfishness.

Humans are the only mammals that mate because of love or devotion. There is no other breed of beast that acts out of anything other than biological instinct, and the drive to perpetuate the species.

Groups and forums like these are adding to the coarsening of our society, as emotion and devotion dies, replaced by the lower, less developed animal urges.

The DePaul event isn’t unique, unfortunately.

At Vanderbilt University, for example an LGBT event titled “Deconstructing Couplehood” was billed as a “crash course in polyamory” that would “‘deconstruct the ‘ideal’ and privileged relationship (that is straight, monogamous, married or heading that way, presumably white and middle to upper class), and look towards the other myriad ways to love and form community.”

The University of Michigan, similarly, held an event called “Navigating Relationships: Routing Our Own Courses” as part of its LGBTQ+ Health and Wellness Week, advertising the event as “a facilitated discussion-style workshop on navigating healthy relationships, with an emphasis on polyamory and relationships involving asexual and/or aromantic partners.”

It's a sickness, and for certain communities on our college campuses, it would seem those perversions are a feature, and not a bug.

Campus Reform was unable to get information about who is funding these events, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s probably not the Catholic church.


Thank-you for your post, Susan. Good to see you writing about substantive topics. As Erick states, "We will be made to care..."


@Chevy99 said: "Susan you aren't Catholic, why exactly are you reporting on what the Catholic church is doing?"

Okay, what do you have to report? The very idea that we continue down these wacky and totally secular lines on a (supposedly) Catholic campus is shocking - not even a nod to appropriate Biblical or Traditional morals. If you have something to report about why a Catholic University should be supporting LGBTQlmnop..., "poly-amory" (meaning, "I really don't like to commit..."), and even "reproductive rights", please let us know. Susan has stated a problem, yet your response is "it's been going on for years so..." If you are a Catholic, does this not bother you? If it does, why would you not want Susan to expose it? If you are not a Catholic, does it not bother you that the Catholic Church is not taking a strong stance that the Bible & Tradition override thes silly, supercilious proclivities of the unregenerate and immature mind on a University campus carrying the Catholic Church as its sponsor? As Susan says in response, if a Baptist or Mormon school was doing this, we would be equally (if not more) shocked and dismayed. Is this somehow now stock and trade in Catholic Tradition? I think not. I should hope you think not, as well.


I guess. I mean there have been all sorts of sins promoted within Catholic colleges for years I guess the real question is why is this one so dangerous its worth the special post.