Ms. Wright would do considerably better if she focused on the pardon itself and not the comments by Mr. Stone.

The first order of business is to address the fact that D'Souza's prosecution was singularly a political act. He committed a trivial campaign-finance violation.

From Andrew McCarthy's NR column:

"This is not to excuse the conduct; it is to reaffirm the principle that the punishment should fit the crime, and to observe that the conduct at issue is typically not treated as a crime at all. Routinely, misconduct of the kind engaged in by D’Souza is settled by payment of an administrative fine to the Federal Election Commission. In stark contrast, the Obama Justice Department not only selectively prosecuted D’Souza; prosecutors turned the case into a multiple felony indictment."

"As Legal Insurrection’s Bill Jacobson notes, the 2008 Obama campaign was caught illegally hiding not $20,000 but nearly $2 million in irregular contributions (in addition to dragging its feet on the return of millions more in suspect donations). You probably don’t remember that because — I know this will shock you — the Obama Justice Department didn’t prosecute anyone. It was considered a mere hiccup: resolved by a fine considerably smaller than the $500,000 in bail D’Souza was forced to post lest he be detained pending trial on his multiple-felony indictment for conduct worth 25 times less that amount."

It's stunning and beyond irresponsible for Ms. Wright to completely ignore the abuse of power exerted by the federal government to appease a sitting president's vendetta against those with whom he has taken offense.