More Manufacturing Jobs Lost to Trump's Trade War

Stack-On, in Chicago, will be laying off 153 workers.

Tariffs. Ain’t they great?

According to President BrokeBrain, taxation is the building block of the nation.

Good grief.

No. Just… no.

The nation was built on a people who revolted against taxation. The history of tariffs in this nation is largely a tale of ruinous fiscal policy.

Today, the Chicago Tribune is reporting on a storage safe company, Stack-On, that has been a mainstay in the Chicago area for 4 decades. Trump’s tariffs on Chinese steel, however, are now forcing the company to makes some unfortunate decisions for two of their manufacturing companies in the area.

Stack-On Products plans to lay off 128 people at its facility in north suburban Wauconda and 25 people at its McHenry plant when it closes both facilities Oct. 12, said Al Fletcher, human resources director for Alpha Guardian, the Las Vegas-based parent company.

“The operation is really not profitable,” Fletcher said. He said the decision to relocate operations to Juarez, Mexico, was made about two months ago when President Donald Trump announced tariffs on numerous goods and materials from China as well as other countries, to reduce what the president has called an unfair trade deficit.

“Mr. Trump is part of this,” Fletcher said. So far, the United States has imposed tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese technology goods and $3 billion of Chinese steel and aluminum, and has proposed another $16 billion.

These were the only Stack-On manufacturers in the United States, making everything from gun cabinets to tool boxes. They already have mills in China and Mexico.

The layoffs affect manufacturing jobs, warehouse jobs and some office staff, and those employees will be given the option to relocate to El Paso, Texas, just over the border from the Juarez plant, he said.

I know for some, 153 jobs lost doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for those 153 people it is a very big deal, and that’s what matters.

Those jobs are among the 885 job cuts that were announced in July for Illinois, with the bulk being in manufacturing, but other areas including banking and medical services.

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That is 855 votes Trump won't be getting in 2020 before you include their families, this for a candidate who already lost the popular vote. He is cruising for a bruising in 2020 and only the most delusional Republicans can't see it.


Trump should attack Big Gov't and make every state a right to work state. He's done a great job, but his trade talk is just nuts.



@BiggDoggie Don't you worry about the condition of my panties. Did YOU read what I wrote? Especially the part about how those lost jobs won't matter to some [like you cultists that would sacrifice your children in obedience to god-emperor Trump], but for those 153 who are without, it means a lot.


If a product cannot be manufactured in the USA, based on wages to live here, then there is not a market for that product. Shipping manufacturing jobs overseas is just another form of servitude. I would rather not use tariffs, but people rarely vote with the dollars and support their neighbors. History has proven we will decimate our standard of living paying cheap prices for poor quality products.


OK, Suzique, your panties are all atwist again! Did you read what you yourself wrote? This was a MINOR part of what Stack-on has for operations. They ALREADY moved their operations to Mexico & China so that they could pay $1/day salaries & be protected by the governments to make profits. Add to that, this company was in CHICAGO, so it's not Trump's tariffs that killed, but the taxation of Illinois & Chicago, the cost of union labor, and other issues. This has obviously been in the works for a while, not just the last few weeks, my F in L was a corp president of a major manufacturer & it took years, nor weeks to plan & move a plant operation, even to a newer building, let alone to another country! When they moved a part of operations to Mexico durning Clinton years, it took over a year for the infrastructure to be built & operational, people trained, etc. So, do your homework on the WHOLE story! Try telling the WHOLE story, not just the final color of your choice!