Monsters Behind Masks

We feed the monsters, protect the monsters, nourish the monsters, then we are shocked when we find the monsters.

To put today’s burning issue into perspective, consider King David.

  • David put himself into a place of temptation by staying home “at the time when kings go out to battle.”
  • He summoned Bathsheba and seduced her.
  • When she became pregnant, he tried to make Uriah her husband believe he was the father, by getting Uriah to come home from battle on leave (believing he would spend that time with Bathsheba).
  • When that failed (Uriah refused to go home during his leave, while his men were fighting in the field), David conceived an evil plan to have Uriah killed.
  • Uriah was ordered to the front of the battle and left exposed, and was killed.
  • David then married Bathsheba when Uriah was dead.
  • All of the above displeased the Lord.