Mitt Romney Speaks up, Condemns Trump's Trade War

The former governor and current Senate candidate issued a firm statement on Friday.

I’m not a resident of Utah, but if I were, I’d sure be looking forward to supporting Mitt Romney, about now.

To be clear, Romney is the squish I held my nose and voted for in 2012, knowing his was horridly moderate. He was also weak, and after that third debate with Barack Obama, where he failed to really press his [correct] points home, opting to demure to Obama’s cocky attitude, I was pretty sure he voted for Obama, himself, when election day rolled around.

I also was pretty disgusted at the way he slammed Donald Trump before the 2016 election [correctly], but rolled right over when it appeared President-elect Trump was considering him for a Cabinet position.

No, Mitt Romney doesn’t have a lot of favor in my eyes, but if he keeps pounding home these truths, even in an election year, I’m willing to extend a little grace to him.

As of midnight, the Trump administration has slapped a 25 percent tariff on somewhere around $34 billion in Chinese goods, with the threat on the table for much more.

China, in retaliation, has implemented their own tariffs on American products, saying the United States had just started the biggest trade war in history.

It’s a back and forth with no winners in sight. Only Trump’s most devoted can see any good in the pain already being inflicted on pork and soy farmers, as well as workers feeling the pinch from aluminum and steel tariffs.

Trump said it. We believe it. That’s the end of it.

Romney, however spoke up earlier Friday and condemned the latest shot fired in the trade war, shortly after it went into effect.

“Trade wars are a tax on Americans,” Mr. Romney — a Utah Senate candidate, former Massachusetts governor and former GOP presidential nominee — said in a statement, “They have severe consequences for many employees and inevitably cost American jobs.”

We’re already seeing that. Mid Continental, the nation’s largest nail manufacturer has already laid off dozens of employees. SEMO Boxing, the company that supplies the boxes for Mid Continental’s product have also seen layoffs, since there isn’t the same demand, given the reduction in the nail manufacturing business.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles has had to lay off employees and move a portion of their manufacturing overseas, in order to save their European market, since Trump decided punishing our allies in the European Union was the best way to “protect” our nation.

He has far less concern for protecting us against our greatest geopolitical foes in Russia, for some reason.

Romney’s statement is encouraging, considering we’ve seen an inability on the part of Republican lawmakers to say “no” to this president, even when he’s doing things that are hurting their constituents.

Much of it is because of the constituents, themselves. Many of them would boil their MAGA hats with lawn clippings and salt, then call it “soup” to feed their families, if Trump told them that level of poverty was winning.

They don’t want to hear that Donald Trump is not 101 percent right, no matter if the house is burning down around them. They consider the firemen the enemies.

We’ve seen solid conservatives exiled because of perceived slights against the name of Trump, so career-minded politicians shy away from saying anything that isn’t in line with Trump’s agenda.

Maybe it’s because he already has the GOP nomination. For Republican voters in Utah, it’s Romney or the Democrat. Would Trump’s supporters risk a blue flip for Utah, simply because Romney condemned the tariffs?

That’s the risk Romney is apparently willing to take, and if he gets away with that here, there’s a chance he’s one more voice in the Senate willing to stand up to Trump, rather than to just take up space and rubberstamp whatever Trump says.

There’s always that hope.

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